Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky, by El Gato Malo

One of the best things that can be done with what should be Covid defendants like Rochelle Walensky is make them answer questions, lots of questions. From El Gato Malo at brownstein.org:

Given what we now know about the complete failure of covid vaccines to provide sterilizing immunity, stop infection, or stop spread as well as the fact that such issues were not even tested for in the drug trials that approved them, certain questions would seem to demand asking:

Just what was this “Data from the CDC today” that suggested that “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus?”

Was there, in fact, any data at all?

Or was this a completely fabricated claim used to underpin the mass rollout of a product that failed so spectacularly right out of the gates and:

There seem to be an awfully large body of claims made by CDC that appear to have lacked foundation in fact or data. Both Dr Walensky and her predecessor Robert Redfield would seem to have a great deal to answer for here.

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2 responses to “Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky, by El Gato Malo

  1. Purebloods WIN

    What arrogance to assume the entire populace would just line up to be guinea pigs without questioning anything.
    May it undo all of their Satanic depopulationist plans.


  2. Ice Ice Trotsky

    “Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”

    ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


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