IRS Abruptly Removes Investigative Team from Hunter Biden Probe: Whistleblower Claim, by Steve Straub

The government isn’t trying to preserve even the appearance of impartiality. From Steve Straub at

In an alarming move that has raised eyebrows and suspicions about the integrity of federal agencies, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) abruptly removed the entire team working on the high-profile tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, first son of President Joe Biden.

This drastic action allegedly came on the orders of the Justice Department, adding to the widespread concern among conservatives about potential corruption and the abuse of power within the federal government.

The abrupt reassignment of the investigative team has been perceived by many as retaliation against the supervisory special agent whistleblower, who alleged a coverup of the controversial probe.

The agent, who has been overseeing the investigation since early 2020, was informed of this sudden personnel change, according to a letter from his attorneys, Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, to Congress.

In the letter, Lytle and Leavitt suggested that the removal of the investigators not only constituted retaliation but could also be construed as an obstruction of a congressional inquiry.

The attorneys pointed out that their client had a legal right to make disclosures to Congress under 5 U.S.C. § 2302 and that any attempt to prevent a federal employee from furnishing information to Congress is a direct violation of long-standing appropriations restrictions.

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One response to “IRS Abruptly Removes Investigative Team from Hunter Biden Probe: Whistleblower Claim, by Steve Straub

  1. The IRSS is also training to use SWAT tactics on Legacy Americans.
    I wonder if any replacements will sign up?


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