The Hate Industry, by Edward Ring

There is an industry that makes a lot of money and accrues a lot of power by finding hate everywhere they look. It’s like making a living picking at scabs. From Edward Ring at

The “anti-hate” hate industry creates the tribalism it claims to fight, and the only beneficiary of all the hate it creates is the hate industry itself.

“The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”
— President Joe Biden, speaking at Howard University, May 13, 2023

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, when establishment politicians started to make common use of the term “homeland,” they told us the most dangerous threat to Americans was foreign terrorists. But today, we are instructed to fear the enemy within. A new iconic date, January 6, 2021, is inscribed on our collective consciousness. From coast to coast, Americans are being herded into two camps. There are the “white supremacists,” those bad people who purportedly hate good people. And then there is everyone else, good people who are encouraged to hate the bad people.

The common thread, to state the obvious, is hate.

As Joe Biden’s would-be successor, doing his part to nurture and support the hate industry, California Governor Gavin Newsom on May 4 announced “the Launch of CA vs Hate, a New Statewide Hotline to Report Hate Acts in California.” Proclaiming that “hate will not be tolerated,” the governor said that Californians will have “another tool to ensure that not only justice is served, but that individuals have access to additional resources to help deal with the lingering wounds that remain after such a horrendous crime occurs.”

This is agenda-driven hype. The agenda, perfectly expressed by author Michael Shellenberger in a Substack post last week, is to “manufacture a fake ‘hate’ crisis as [a] pretext for mass spying, blacklists, and censorship.” The hype, also exposed by Shellenberger in his recent article, is underscored by the fact that over the past 10 years, hate crime convictions, as opposed to “criminal complaints of hate crimes,” have not increased at all. In a state with 40 million people, hate crime convictions were a minuscule 109 in 2021, and a negligible increase from 107 in 2012.

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2 responses to “The Hate Industry, by Edward Ring

  1. A Vast Potato Conspiracy

    Why aren’t the dastardly white supremacists down at the border?
    Anti-Government sentiment=White Supremacist.
    Whatever happened to the dastardly (gasp!) right wing militia?
    You know the most dangerous force in the world while also being some hapless backwoods rubes.


  2. “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”
    — President Joe Biden, speaking at Howard University, May 13, 2023

    the ‘leader of the free world’ is full of shit (and apparently regularly allows it to overflow).

    given his history, he deserves the abuse he gets from those around him produced by parading that incompetent lost fossil before everyone.


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