How a Monster Is Born: Manufacturing of Obedience, by Tessa Leena

The money paragraph. “This applies to any views, by the way. I have never encountered a person who is healed and whole on the inside, who has any inclination to proselytize on people against their will. And the irony is that the more broken the person is (assuming sincerity), the more self-righteous that person feels! Never fails.” From Tessa Leena at

manufacturing of obedience

Story at-a-glance

  • A “remarkable” video of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talking with MSNBC in 2005 shows Joe Scarborough agreeing with him on vaccines
  • In 2003, The Sydney Morning Herald issued a condemnation of business using fear of contagion to sell “farce masks”
  • In 2003, Fauci said that that Americans would not accept country-wise vaccinations; in March 2020, he compared COVID to bad flu
  • Cultural change, dramatic when straight in our faces, takes a long time to build up, and refusing to accept abuse here and now goes a long way

The slippery slope toward the elimination of free expression and critical thinking rights has long turned into a roller coaster ride. In that light, it’s interesting to look back and see how the “update in the cultural norms” has been ushered in.

Joomi Kim recently unearthed and wrote about a “remarkable video of Kennedy talking with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in 2005.” Today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is portrayed by the mainstream media as a “dangerous antivaxxer” and a “conspiracy theorist” for bringing up safety issues with “holy” vaccines.

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