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is the UK health regulator disavowing covid vaccine approvals? by el gato malo

The health regulator is saying the government minister did it. The government minister is saying the health regulator did it. This is what happens when propaganda and narrative fall apart. From el gato malo at boriquogato.substack.com:

the bagholder bonanza begins

in the same week where the ONS repudiated its own vaccines data, here’s an interesting companion find from the daily skeptic: (article HERE)

here is the phrase that pays:

(provided as always seems to be the case under FOI demands)

All the Covid vaccines and therapeutics authorisation decisions were taken by the Licensing Minister and were not delegated.

The MHRA does not hold a document describing the flow of delegation from the Secretary of State to posts/people in MHRA who can authorise medicines for public use.

now, this seems to set up a bit of an interesting he said/she said.

on the one hand, one might well ask:

how do you sign off on the most rushed large scale vaxx program in world history using never before approved in humans drug modalities and fail to mention the fact that the minister and not the agency made this call and that you have no paper trail about how the sec state for health (in this case matt hancock) pushed this through?

on the other, many seem to be claiming that “it’s always supposed to be like this and it’s always the minister who signs off!”

but here is where it starts to get a bit sticky.

the right hon hancock was certainly a big vaccine booster.

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