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Chemtrails Over Mexico, by Good Citizen

Why are there regular chemtrails over a beautiful Mexican bay? From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.substack.com:

Open borders for open skies.

After living in six countries over fifteen years I’ve learned it takes about ninety days to get to know a place well enough to form a few opinions.

That’s why every new location starts with a short-term rental. It’s the Flexi car lease but for cities. You take it for a test drive and see how it performs before you commit to the full move.

Three months is just the right amount of time to take the temperature of the people, culture, habits, rituals, nuances, local beer, and where applicable ocean water.

Some things you learn very quickly at a new location.

For example, when you find out your neighbor at a short-term rental is a mid-level Narco foot soldier for the local cartel with Napoleon complex, you have no recourse when he blasts the bass on his $50k sound system at night to impress his friends.

You can mock him later on your Substack with a few words about how tiny his penis is, how shallow and pathetic his “friends” are, and how if he didn’t throw money around like war-hungry politicians of the Uniparty in the District of Corruption he wouldn’t have any friends at all. And how if the collapsing American empire to the north didn’t keep its borders wide open to satiate the zombified people’s drug habits, little Pedro Napoleon wouldn’t have any money at all.

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