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Thanksgiving Diaper Report 11/23/21, by Eric Peters

With the controversies surrounding Covid-19, its prevention and treatment, Thanksgiving  can be uncomfortable. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

This report comes the week of Thanksgiving, which for many of us brings an unpleasant reminder of how effectively families and friendships have been torn apart by the weaponization of hypochondria, which has been used to foment the mass hysteria necessary for the imposition of political tyranny in the name of “health.”

This is not abstract politics. It is personal.

Many of us are no longer on speaking terms with people we previously spoke to often. Treated by friends of long-standing as if we’d done them some unforgivable, intolerable wrong by objecting to pretending we’re terrified of a sickness with a better-than-99-percent recovery rate, assuming one even gets sick. Friends – or so we thought – who treat us as if we were a mortal threat to their health. Family members who won’t allow us in their homes – or visit ours – unless we agree to perform the bizarre and dangerous rituals they demand of us, including blind submission to injections with whatever’s-in-those-needles.

It is hard – but it is also easy.

Like divorce . . . once it’s over with.


In the initial stages of the dissolution, many husbands and wives will do practically anything to prevent the dissolution. They are target-fixated on what was. The marriage that no longer exists, except as a legal artifact. The love is gone. The trust, evaporated. There are a million reasons why and – in the end – none of them matter once the hearts have hardened. When one of the two no longer wants to be married.

It may take awhile for the other of the two to come to grips with this.

In the meanwhile, a heroic struggle often ensues. The one who wants the marriage to “work” will try to find out what went awry and take steps to fix it. Will patiently try to understand the other spouse’s point of view. May even be willing to offer up compromises over important matters of principle, all for the sake of that one desperate, nostalgic urge to hold onto what is already gone.

This is where many of us find ourselves, this Thanksgiving week.

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