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EU Plans Now to Actually Pay Companies to Slow Down Production. Where Will the Madness End? By Martin Jay

It’s a bizarre scheme to conserve energy. Pay them enough and they won’t use any energy at all. From Martin Jay at strategic-culture.org:

To borrow on international markets huge sums of cash will be a suicide pill for the EU in the longer term.

At the end of June, Italian MPs staged a protest inside the parliament against funding Ukraine with military aid and against the war in general. Days later, Dutch farmers take to the streets to protest against new belt tightening measures by the government which will harm their businesses leading to panic. And just in the last few days, we have seen increasingly desperate measures by the EU itself which is acting like an old man who has fallen off a bike and can’t get back on.

Wounded by the credibility blow of not getting support for its all-out sanction plan to ban all oil and gas from Russia, the EU is in an unmistakable state of panic, fretting that voters have seen just how ineffective this wannabee superpower is when push comes to shove. Blinded by its own dogma, the EU now is talking about actually paying money to big companies to reduce their production – so as to reduce their electricity consumption – so as there are no power threats to millions of citizens in the 27-nation bloc. Remarkably, the EU feels as though it has cash to burn to throw onto a fire simply to survive the cold which is coming in the next European elections in 2024 where far-right parties might even take – for the first time ever – a majority bloc in the European parliament. Actually, offering companies cash to produce less goods is pure insanity but in the Disneyworld sphere of Brussels with little or no accountability, this could actually get approved.

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