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Thank You, Financial Times! by Robert Gore

The Financial Times propels SLL to the big time!

You have to wonder why the Financial Times would bother sending a reporter to the Zero Hedge symposium and why that reporter, Alexandra Scaggs, would write a two-part article, with a third promised, about less than a hundred people gathered for a weekend in Marfa, Texas. Marfa is a pleasant mélange of art colony, sightseeing destination (faux Prada storefront outside of town, Chinati Foundation, McDonald observatory, the famed Marfa lights!) and bathroom/refreshment break for people on their way somewhere else. What could less than a hundred people in the middle of nowhere say that merits the attention of the august Financial Times?

Whatever compelled the FT to send Ms. Scaggs to Texas, I would like to wholeheartedly thank them for their coverage, and for what Ms. Scaggs has said about my presentation: “Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media.” Here is Ms. Scagg’s Part 2 commentary:

What follows are some other notable conspiracy theories introduced by ZeroHedge commenters, with brief explanations.

The entirety of Robert Gore’s speech — see Part 1.
Where it went wrong:
Gore said that outlets like ZeroHedge face “one infinitesimal risk — the establishment is not as corrupt as we think it is.” The establishment is not as corrupt as he thinks it is.

And that was that: a 45 minute presentation dismissed with two sentences. I invite interested readers who haven’t already done so to read the speech, which is linked above, and form their own opinions.

The mainstream media has been slow to grasp that it helped Donald Trump get elected. The MSM is neither liked, respected, nor trusted, one of the points of my presentation. When it besmirched Trump, it pushed some who were uncommitted his way and solidified in-group solidarity among his supporters. Trump basked in the attention and reveled in reviling the media…to great effect.

You know you’ve hit a nerve when the other side won’t listen to you, tries to shout you down, or calls you names. “Conspiracy theories” is a stop-the-argument-before-it-begins pejorative. As a reporter for the FT, Ms. Scaggs represents both top-drawer establishment and the elite of the MSM. My criticisms hit a nerve, I would guess both professionally and personally. It’s not as if they were not solidly supported by ample facts and history, and Ms. Scaggs knows it.

However, I do want to thank Ms. Scaggs once again. The graph of SLL readership since 2014 has been from lower left to upper right (up 18 percent this year). Just as the MSM’s criticisms of Trump increased his support, her commentary will almost certainly steepen the upward slope of SLL’s readership graph (and consequently ad revenues). SLL will be getting mileage out of this one for months.

It’s a shame that the only thing Ms. Scaggs took away from the fine Zero Hedge symposium was the cowgirl boots she purchased for the occasion.