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FuhrerPrinzip, by Eric Peters

A dictatorship requires not just a dictator, but willing dictatees. From Eric Peters on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

Free people don’t look for “leadership.” But that’s what every candidate for the presidency – regardless of partei – is offering to give them.leadership lead

Such people deserve what they will get.

They have, after all asked for it.

Most Americans do not know what the German word, fuhrer means.

It does not mean “Hitler.”

It means, leader.

Hitler was Der Fuhrer; the leader.

The Germans of the Hitler era loved having a leader. Being led.

And leading, too.

They even had an expression for it: fuhrerprinzip, the leadership principle. You obeyed your superiors and your subordinates obeyed you in turn – with the leader (Der Fuhrer) at the apex of the pyramid.

Americans today are like the Germans were.

Ready for a leader.Great Dictator image

And to be led.

The one requires the other.

This sickness in man was – is – not unique to Germans. It is a canker humanity picked up somewhere from ape to now that itches and comes to the surface regularly, pustulating and red. Germans (Prussians, to be precise about it) were particularly afflicted but the disease is easily spread.

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