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After Bolton, Trump Goals Remain Unrealized, by Patrick Buchanan

Trump got rid of John Bolton but we still have mostly Bolton-approved policies. From Patrick J. Buchanan at  buchanan.org:

The sudden and bitter departure of John Bolton from the White House was baked in the cake from the day he arrived there.

For Bolton’s worldview, formed and fixed in a Cold War that ended in 1991, was irreconcilable with the policies Donald Trump promised in his 2016 campaign. Indeed, Trump was elected because he offered a foreign policy that represented a repudiation of what John Bolton had advocated since the end of the Cold War.

Trump wanted to call off Cold War II with Russia, to engage with Vladimir Putin, and to extricate us from the Middle East wars into which Bolton and the neocons did so much to plunge the United States.

Where Trump demanded that NATO nations and allies like South Korea and Japan start paying the cost of their own defense, Bolton is an empire man who relishes the global role and responsibilities of America as the last superpower and custodian of the New World Order.

Trump saw in the hermit kingdom of North Korea an opportunity to end its isolation and bring Kim Jong Un into talks to persuade him to give up his nuclear weapons, in return for a full readmission and welcome into the world that Pyongyang turned its back on after World War II.

In Trump’s passive acceptance of Kim’s resumption of short-range missile tests last August, Bolton surely saw signs of appeasement.

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Trump Thumping Bolton is a Good Start, by Tom Luongo

John Bolton resigned today. The real mystery is why Trump appointed him in the first place. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

Donald Trump finally fired National Security Adviser and all-around disgraceful human being John Bolton.

Good riddance.

Bolton was a diversity hire by Trump. His allegiance to the Israeli Firsters who helped get Trump into power, namely Sheldon Adelson, got him the job.

The strongest Iran hawk in Washington in the wake of John McCain’s brain tumor valiantly giving up its life to end McCain’s, Bolton’s role was to keep Trump on program delivering maximum force and intimidation to everyone who so much as looked sideways at the U.S.

He was the proxy in the White House for liar and war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The turning point was Trump’s refusal to take Bolton’s bait to retaliate against Iran for shooting down the Global Hawk Drone back in June.

After the incident I asked the question, “Who Survives the Iran Counter-Offensive?” I expected then that one of Bolton, Mike “The Buffet Line” Pompeo at State or Gina “Miss Rendition” Haspel at CIA to be fired within six to eight weeks.

It took Trump eleven.

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