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What Government Health Officials Don’t Want You To Know: Micro Blood Clots, The Key to Explaining COVID Harm, by Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn

Spike proteins from either the coronavirus or its vaccines can cause micro blood cots, which are responsible for substantial physiological harm. From Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn at thebluestateconservative.com:

What should receive far greater attention is the formation of microscopic blood clots throughout bodies caused by spike proteins.  These are not found through conventional medical scanning and imaging technologies.

Know this: They result from COVID spike proteins that screw up fine blood vessels causing micro blood clots.  The spike protein molecules from COVID infection are the same as what happens when COVID vaccines pump huge numbers of them into your body.  So, vaccines create the same blood clot problem as COVID itself in many people.

This article uses micro blood clots to explain three important pandemic problems:

  1. Vaccine adverse health impacts, including deaths
  2. A broad array of COVID infection illnesses and deaths
  3. Millions of people with “long” COVID suffering diverse health problems.

Micro blood clot problems

What can these micro blood clots cause?  That is the key question.  There is nothing but bad news that very few people are aware of.  Understand this: You do not want micro blood clots throughout your body.  Finding proof that you have them is difficult.

Blood clots that occur in the tiniest blood vessels are referred to as microvascular thromboses and reduce blood flow. The clinical symptoms depend on the organs that are most strongly affected.

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