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Facing Defeat, Kiev Regime in Desperate Bid to Expand War Regionally and Embroil Neighbors, by Finian Cunningham

If Zelensky could provoke Russia into attacking one small Eastern European country, he’d have the NATO led war he’s always wanted. From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Zelensky’s racket is coming to an end as Russian forces push on with decimating what’s left of the NATO proxy war machine.

Moldavian President Maia Sandu made explosive claims this week that Russia was conspiring with Serbian, Belorussian and Montenegrin agents to overthrow her government.

Sandu is a Western darling, so her flimsy allegations received a lot of airplay from Western media outlets.

The accusations provoked consternation in Serbia and Montenegro whose governments rejected any such involvement and demanded Moldavia provide details to back up the claims. Respective ambassadors have been summoned to explain the unprecedented tensions.

For its part, Moscow dismissed the alleged plot to destabilize the government in Chisinau as “unfounded and unsubstantiated”. Russia countered that the real motive was for Kiev to expand the war to embroil neighbors.

Such a reckless, incendiary move by the NATO-backed Ukrainian regime would fit its unsavory record for delinquent conduct, from demanding ever-more lethal weapons from its NATO backers, to staging false-flag massacres in Bucha, Mariupol and elsewhere, to its use of “nuclear terrorism” by firing rockets at Europe’s largest civilian nuclear power plant at Zaporozhye.

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