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Nato Deplatforms ‘No To Nato’, by Declan Hayes

NATO is one of the world’s best, if not the world’s best, at narrative control. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

There is considerable method in NATO’s madness, the same madness that sees Julian Assange incarcerated and Gaza, Syria and far too many civilians and soldiers being bombed on a regular basis.

NATO’s Irish Independent’s 6th January edition carried a smear report on how current MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, together with former British MP George Galloway, were due to speak at “an anti-NATO rally” in London’s St Pancras’ Church on February 25th. Although the entire report was a skewed smear piece on all of those due to speak at the conference, its most striking feature is that it broke the cardinal rule of reporting, which dictates when a story is newsworthy and when it is not. A smear piece on a modest meeting to be held in a foreign country in seven weeks’ time is not a story; it is an attempt, successful in this case, at deplatforming.

Sure enough, shortly after the Independent hit the presses, George Galloway reported that the Anglican cult, which controls that church, had cancelled the meeting and returned the organizers’ deposit. The most cursory twitter trawl would show that a large posse of NATO trolls actively opposed the meeting and, like their Banderite heroes in Kiev, were delighted at their success in repressing this latest attempt at free speech in the belly of the NATO beast.

Because I have been a guest on Galloway’s show a small number of times and I have also met Wallace and Daly. I know that both Galloway and Daly are excellent orators and formidable operators; Galloway, in fact, has been a guest on BBC to speak about how to be a good orator, such is the esteem his skills are held in. Daly has had her moments, most notably when she portrayed American President Obama in the Irish Parliament for the war criminal that he is and, as all three are meticulous in doing their homework, they are rarely wrong-footed by their political opponents when they are given a fair shake. Indeed, Galloway very famously wiped the floor of Capitol Hill with the American politicians who supported NATO’s genocidal campaign in Iraq. All in all, the conference would have been a delight for those into hearing fine speeches and finer orators.

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