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“Trump Street Team” Gets It Done Grass Roots Effort Turns Blue Pueblo Red for Trump, by Becky Mizel

This is a great story about how a group of determined Trump supporters turned normally blue Pueblo County, Colorado into a surprising red. The story is from the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, one of the few newspapers in America that endorsed Donald Trump. From Becky Mizel at sangredecristosentinel.com:

Election night showed an unprecedented sea of states going from Blue to Red. All against the predictions of “experts” in main stream media and political establishment status quo pundits from the Democrat and GOP elite. Looks of horror and dismay could not be hidden on the faces of those who predicted a Trump win would never happen– in fact Trump would certainly bring ruination and disaster upon the GOP according to “experts” such as National Review globalist William Kristol, Red State’s Erick Erickson, the Bush family, Romney, Lindsey and our own Colorado legislators Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman. The sea of now Red states was spread across the country in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

Viewing the United States ‘sea of red’ map, minus the usual states of California, Washington and Oregon and a few east coast states such as New York, we see Colorado. Blue. Sticking out like a sore thumb. Colorado should have, like so many other states, gone Trump. Our voter numbers are almost equally divided between Democrat and Republicans. We lost by a narrow margin. However, nowhere else was the #nevertrump movement more virulent regarding Trump. TheColorado State GOP Chairman, Steve House, stated in a public meeting that “Trump’s candidacy was a joke and he couldn’t wait for Carly Fiorina to wipe the fl oor with him in a debate.” No reprimand came his way, despite the fact party officers are bound by bylaws to stay neutral in the primary. After the Colorado State Convention, the tweet, “We did it.” #nevertrump appeared on the Colorado State GOP website. Three weeks before election only 19 out of 49 Colorado legislators had signed the letter of support for Mr. Trump. In comparison, all 51 Democratic Colorado legislators signed a similar letter to support their candidate Hillary, in spite of her email debacle, pay for play and other blatant scandals affecting her campaign. The Colorado delegation led the walk-out shunning Mr. Trump at the National Convention in the “Conscience Movement”.

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