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The Realization, by Jim Richards

2023 may be the year when people wake up and the New World Order falls apart. From Jim Richards at 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com:

You may think it strange to bring physics into a discussion about Wily Coyote, but you have to admit that there is a consistent yet subtle reference to the strangeness of the quantum world in the cartoon above. If you remember, Wily frequently finds himself in the position of going past the edge of the cliff, generally as a result of over-pursuit of the Roadrunner, or occasionally the Wabbit, as we see here. What happens next is fascinating: gravity ignores his mid-air status until he looks down and suddenly realizes his predicament, whereupon he falls instantly. You may remember from your introductory quantum physics the fascinating “observer effect” leading to wave-form collapse. Most know of this effect through a simple example called Schrodinger’s Cat. Something tells me that the writers of the cartoon understood this topic of quantum decoherence quite well and played with it knowing that very few would get the joke. Most would just see that Wily has a sudden realization – and then he falls.

2023 will be the year of realization.

A hundred years from now, I think it’s quite possible that 2023 will be viewed as the pivotal year. Yes, more so than ’21 or ‘22. I see this coming year as the culmination of so many world-changing events, on par with 1945. For example, we are nearing the end of a multi-decade period in which America has been the sole global hegemon, and we are entering conflicts with the two aspiring Asian world leaders, which is leading to a self-inflicted energy crisis, and the resulting recession worldwide. Remember, the current administration wanted this war in Ukraine. NATO provocation led to a war that the Pentagon needed to fill the gap of peace following our disgraceful exit from Kabul. So, normal service is resumed for the defense contractors. Eisenhower was so prescient.

Surprising many in the next few months, Russia will dominate Ukraine, which will sue for peace. Here at home, shocking revelations of Deep State control of almost everything will finally be told. This all started with Elon buying Twitter and spilling the beans on government involvement in forcefully determining what we see and hear. We are just now emerging from the greatest propaganda and gaslighting scheme of all time.

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