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The “New” Medical Freedom, by Christian Nix

The author sounds a hell of lot more knowledgeable about true health care than the pill peddling, propaganda propagating hacks who populate the medical profession today. From Christian Nix at rwmalonemd.substack.com:


I first met Christian Nix at the Sovereign Man conference in Austin Texas last summer and then again at the Total Access Sovereign Man conference in Mexico City this fall. Christian’s mix of professionalism, confidence and empathy immediately put me at ease and we began to dialogue about the state of medical care in the United States as opposed to other countries throughout the world. He spoke at length about his training as a traditional healer in multiple disciplines, and I was really intrigued by what he was sharing. Christian truly has a different perspective than most on what it takes to heal a chronically damaged body. I suggested that he consider writing a Substack about medical freedom and the state of medical care in the USA. This essay is a product of that discussion.

Christian has studied and practiced traditional medicines for decades. He has lectured and taught about these methods at some of the best universities in the world. What he has to say may seem strange to you, and some aspects seem strange to me. But please keep an open mind, because what we have for chronic care in the USA is not working. We need to expand our minds and worldviews, and learn about different methods of staying healthy. Christian offers a different perspective on how to stay healthy, and I think that what he has to say is worth listening to.

The “New” Medical Freedom


By: Christian Nix


There are many important lessons to be learned from the last several years of COVID drama. Perhaps the most important of all is…

Medical Freedom matters.

The idea that drug companies are allowed to create an injectable gene therapy… hide the ingredients from public disclosure… and remain immune to any legal liability for the harm that is now undeniably linked to their actions – as they roll in billions of dollars of profit, we should expect to see the masses whetting the guillotine.

Yet, no such outrage is apparent – anywhere.

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