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The Light at the End of the mRNA Vaccine Tunnel Looks More Like a Train Every Day, by Alex Berenson

South Korea, formerly the poster child for efficacious Covid response and almost entirely vaxxed, is seeing a huge surge now in cases. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

We need to talk about South Korea.

Through 2020 and 2021, South Korea chased zero Covid with strict border controls, aggressive testing and tracing, and a vaccination campaign that reached nearly its entire adult population with mRNA (and some DNA) shots.

The country didn’t quite get to zero. Infections and deaths rose slowly last year. But it came close enough that the usual highly credentialed public health experts held it up as a light among the nations.

Here’s Devi Sridhar – once the world’s youngest Rhodes Scholar, today a “personal chair” in Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh Medical School – telling the world in November 2021 how super-duper-good South Korea did:


Devi – you can trust her, look at that piercing gaze! – explained:

Maximum suppression helped buy time for scientists to get to work, and therefore find a sustainable exit from the crisis… The pivot from maximum suppression to mass vaccination was a rational and logical shift to achieve a successful transition out of the pandemic.


Reality called. It has some edits to your piece.

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