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The Tall Ship and The Substitute Teacher, Part 3, by Ray Jason

Ray Jason is optimistic amidst the looming collapse and chaos. Sailing the open seas will do that for your. From Jason at theseagypsyphilosopher.blogspot.com:


In Part 1, I meet the captain of a Tall Ship who runs a Semester-at-Sea program. He has just lost his onboard teacher for a couple of weeks due to Covid quarantine. It turns out that he is a fan of my Blog, and so we agree that I will be his substitute teacher for a while.

In Part 2, I deliver my first full lecture to the 16 year old sailor/students. When it is finished, I let them take a 5 minute break before we do a question and answer session. Part 3 is that Q and A dialogue. Here it is.

Welcome back, shipmates! I am delighted to see that all 15 of you returned. My worldview is pretty radical, so I worry about freaking out my new students. Especially, when I don’t have a full school year to gradually introduce you to this material. But because the societal changes that are being initiated right now are so dangerous to your futures, I feel a duty to alert you to them.

We’ll keep the format simple. Raise your hand, I’ll point to you and then you can stand and ask your question. Since we are aboard a Tall Ship, let’s keep the questions short and specific – in the same way that Capt. Andy keeps his commands to you simple and precise.

If the Malignant Overlords are so bad, why don’t they get voted out of office?

That’s such a good question that I will give you 3 answers. First, it doesn’t matter if they do get voted out since they are just puppets. Those who pull their strings are the true ruling power, and they are not subject to voting. They will just install new puppets who will do their bidding.

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