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War Is a Racket… Tanks a Lot, Now Give Us F-16s! By The Strategic Culture Editorial Board

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! From The Strategic Culture Editorial Board at strategic-culture.org:

The vampiric orgy of weapons going to Ukraine could provoke a terrifying world war and global catastrophe.

No sooner had the United States, Germany and other NATO powers announced the major release of main battlefield tanks for Ukraine, the Kiev regime immediately started demanding the supply of American-made F-16 warplanes.

The attitude is incorrigible. Chutzpah on steroids, or perhaps cocaine.

As Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky gloated this week shamelessly and without a hint of irony to corporate honchos in Florida, the war in his country means “big business opportunities” for the West. This clownish figure was formerly a comedian and actor before becoming a politician. Now he can add pimping to his grubby career.

For weeks in the Western states there have been tortuous public discussions about whether to send tanks to support the Kiev regime against Russia. Then abruptly, the U.S., Germany and other NATO allies have one by one unceremoniously shirked the taboo and are promising delivery of the heavy armor weaponry. The Biden administration declared it will send around 30 units of M1 Abrams. Germany is to send about 14 Leopard 2 tanks as are several other European NATO members who have the German-made vehicle in their inventories. Britain has announced it will supply about 14 of its Challenger 2 tanks and France is considering supplying Leclerc main battlefield units.

The numbers involved are way short of the 300 demanded by the Kiev regime and will not deliver the much-vaunted and totally unrealistic “victory” over Russia. The tokenism is, however, part of an enormous war racket. It’s all about pumping up more profiteering rather than any principle or serious strategic objective in Ukraine, apart from destabilizing Russia and trying to isolate Moscow internationally. The danger is, however, if the powder keg is stoked any further, the risk of an unintended conflagration becomes a growing probability.

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