Obama’s Russian Roulette, by Kenneth G. Eade

From Kenneth G. Eade at antiwar.com:

I probably know more about Russia than most Americans. I have had the pleasure of visiting the “evil empire” on many occasions, since I am married to a Russian national. The effect of the current international sanctions have been a blessing in disguise for me, because my U.S. dollar has more than double the spending power that it used to here. It is puzzling that I have not been asked, even once, about the current efforts of our Nobel Peace Prize winning and warmongering president and the neocons, warmongers and fossil fuel kings who own him, to destabilize the Ukraine and force a showdown with Russia.

Russia’s geopolitical interests in the Ukraine are very clear and go back centuries; far beyond the Soviet Union. The threat of a Russian invasion and takeover of the Ukraine is ridiculous. It would have already happened if it was going to happen, without much fanfare and with little or no resistance. The annexation of the Crimea was a logical result of the Washington backed coup of the Ukrainian government. The Crimea provides the strategic location of a Russian naval base on the Black Sea, established in Sevastopol, a city built by the Russian Empire in 1783, before the penning of the United States Constitution. It is this naval base that is the key to the Russia’s access to the Black Sea. The current base, before the annexation of Crimea to Russia, was under lease from the Ukrainian government to Russia. Unlike Crimea, Russia has no interest in annexing the Ukraine, a relatively poor country, which would only place a burden on Russia’s already heavily burdened social welfare system.

The current crisis in the Ukraine, orchestrated by the United States, only benefits the US military industrial machine and US oil and gas barons. Gas poor Europe, their primary potential customer, has thrown its hat in (as usual) with the United States and joined it in imposing economic sanctions against Russia, which have caused billions of dollars of damage to the Russian economy. These sanctions are tantamount to a declaration of war against Russia. The double speak supporting these sanctions is as hypocritical as the drone-loving warmongering Obama’s Peace Prize. The official reason cited is a response to Russia’s alleged military aggression in the Ukraine.

It is no secret that the United States is now at war in Syria, under the guise of fighting ISIS, but the real reason the US in bombing Syria is the same reason that it bombed Iraq into oblivion. The real struggle is over oil and gas and its transmission to Europe in this critical region. Dominance of the area is critical to the US energy barons and the continuing success and profit of the never ending US military hardware and support industry. But to extend its reach into Russia’s rich and vast natural resources by attempting a “regime change” in Russia is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette.

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2 responses to “Obama’s Russian Roulette, by Kenneth G. Eade

  1. Good phrase, fossil fuel kings, and we know who they are. They took us off the gold standard, which was replaced by the petrodollar, but, for the petrodollar to work for them, they had to control the world’s petroleum. They want oil, of course, but that is just part of the plan. They can’t let anyone else have it, for that would bring an end to their psychopathic desires to rule the world. Remember one of their slogans, “competition is sin”, meaning competition with them. Another slogan, “order out of chaos”, but to attain the order they want, global tyranny, chaos must be created.
    Of course, that calls for an end to free market capitalism and all future references to Adam Smith.


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    Some people don’t like us! And they are Americans!


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