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Congress Signs Up For $40 Billion Per Month Ukraine+ Subscription

From The Babylon Bee:

Article Image

WASHINGTON, D.C. — To avoid fighting over further spending bills, Congress has opted instead to sign up for the brand new subscription service Ukraine+, which only costs $40 billion per month.

“We are proud to be the very first customers for this exciting new service,” said Congressman Dan Crenshaw. “Henceforth, $40 billion US dollars will simply be automatically deducted from our account every month, allowing us to continue laundering money and paying off defense lobbyists in perpetuity. Thanks, Ukraine+!”

Experts say subscribing to Ukraine+ is absolutely essential in order to “save democracy or whatever.” Studies also confirmed that if anyone disapproves of the new subscription, they are probably a Russian agent and love Putin.

Ukraine+ will not offer any streaming entertainment options, but will give millions of Americans peace of mind knowing their hard-earned tax dollars are going to help Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon continue manufacturing weapons to make up for their losses after the Afghanistan withdrawal while preserving the Liberal World Order™.

Representatives for Ukraine+ also confirmed that the other NATO countries will be subscribing, but that their subscription is free.


Unpacking the Ukraine ‘Game Change’; Is a Major Conflict Inevitable, by Alastair Crooke

Ukraine is a pawn in a war—the U.S. and NATO against Russia. The U.S. and NATO have demonstrated no willingness to talk peace. From Alastair Crooke at strategic-culture.org:

Any political solution – however theoretical, at this point – would involve Moscow sitting with the collective West. Kiev had become a bystander.

Russia is preparing for an escalation in this war. She is augmenting her forces to the minimum level that could deal with a major NATO offensive. This decision was not precipitated by a significant attrition in the existing force. The facts are clear: The militias of Donetsk and Luhansk represent the majority of the Russian allied forces fighting in the Donbas. The militias have been reinforced by contract soldiers from the Wagner Group and Chechen fighters however, rather than by regular Russian forces.

But this is about to change. The number of Russian regulars fighting in Ukraine will rise dramatically. However, the referenda in the Ukrainian oblasts come first; and those will be followed by the Government of Russia and the Duma accepting the results and approving the annexation of these territories. After that is concluded and the territories assimilated into Russia, any attack on the new Russian territories would be treated as an act of war against Russia. As former Indian diplomat, MK Bhadrakumar, notes, “The accession of Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye creates a new political reality and Russia’s partial mobilisation on parallel track is intended to provide the military underpinning for it”.

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The U.S. Is Winning Its War On Europe’s Industries And People, by Moon of Alabama

The U.S.’s proxy war against Russia via Ukraine isn’t going too well, but it’s war against Europeans, who don’t even know they’re U.S. enemies, is going splendidly. From Moon of Alamaba at moonofalabama.org:

Disclose.tv @disclosetv – 10:03 UTC · Sep 26, 2022JUST IN – German economy deteriorated significantly in September. IFO business climate index continues to fall.

On February 7 Professor of Economics Michael Hudson explained why America’s Real Adversaries Are Its European and Other Allies:

What worries American diplomats is that Germany, other NATO nations and countries along the Belt and Road route understand the gains that can be made by opening up peaceful trade and investment. If there is no Russian or Chinese plan to invade or bomb them, what is the need for NATO? And if there is no inherently adversarial relationship, why do foreign countries need to sacrifice their own trade and financial interests by relying exclusively on U.S. exporters and investors?These are the concerns that have prompted French President Macron to call forth the ghost of Charles de Gaulle and urge Europe to turn away from what he calls NATO’s “brain-dead” Cold War and beak with the pro-U.S. trade arrangements that are imposing rising costs on Europe while denying it potential gains from trade with Eurasia. Even Germany is balking at demands that it freeze by this coming March by going without Russian gas.

Instead of a real military threat from Russia and China, the problem for American strategists is the absence of such a threat.

What the U.S. needed was to provoke Russia, and later China, into reacting to U.S. arranged threats in a way that would oblige its ‘allies’ to follow its sanction policies.

The rather dimwitted European leadership fell for the trick.

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Ukraine: The CIA’s 75-year-old Proxy, by Gerald Sussman

The CIA and Ukraine, particularly Ukrainian Nazis, go way back. From Gerald Sussman at covertactionmagazine.com:

Joe Biden “is fueling the fire in the Ukraine.”

—Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

t takes a musical artist to cut through the morass of propaganda to educate American mainstream media (MSM) about the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the roleof the United States in instigating that conflict for its own nefarious ends.

The MSM have constructed an undiluted narrative about “Putin’s War” that disguises America’s imperialist expansion into eastern Europe. It is utterly Orwellian in its effort to project onto Russia what the U.S. and its main imperial ally, the UK (which a British journalist deemed “America’s tugboat”), have been doing non-stop since 1945—and indeed for centuries.

Looking back, the U.S. under Truman began the policy of turning enemies (Germany, Japan) into friends and friends (the important war-time alliance with the USSR) into enemies. The CIA, established in 1947, was the main clandestine instrument of this policy, working closely with the neo-Nazi Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) to carry out acts to sabotage, divide and destabilize the Soviet state.

OUN logo [Source: wikimedia.org]

The OUN, in particular the faction led by the German ally Stepan Bandera and his second in command, Yaroslav Stetsko, OUN-B, was a violently anti-semitic, anti-communist, and anti-Russian organization, which collaborated with the Nazi occupation and actively participated in the slaughter of millions of Poles, Ukrainian Jews, and ethnically Russian and Ukrainian communists in the region. Nonetheless, The Washington Post treated Stetsko as a national hero, a “lonely patriot.”

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From Suicide to Dead and Buried… Germany Now Provokes China, by Finian Cunningham

Germany is outmatched taking on Russia, but now it’s leaders want to take on China as well. From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Not content with committing its nation to economic suicide from deteriorating Russian relations, the German government now wants to bury the corpse by sabotaging trade relations with China.

Robert Habeck, Germany’s trade minister, has riled Beijing by telling a G7 summit last week that Berlin was aiming to adopt a new China policy to “reduce economic dependency”. Habeck said Germany would strive to take tougher controls over Chinese foreign investment and move away from German reliance on China for key commodities such as semiconductors, batteries and other electronics.

Sounding tough in front of other Western members of the G7 forum (a redundant elite club if ever there was one), Habeck said, “the naivety towards China is over”. He said that trade relations would no longer be viewed in isolation from alleged human rights violations and other international concerns, presumably meaning China’s alleged hostility towards Taiwan.

Beijing slammed Habeck’s remarks and retorted that he was the one who is being “naive” in seeking to damage mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz doubled down on the provocation at the weekend when he was asked about China’s position on Taiwan. Scholz implied that Beijing was the hostile party in recent tensions over the breakaway island territory. He cautioned China: “It is important that we ban violence from international relations.”

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The Planned Plunder of Ukraine, by Eamon McKinney

The U.S. government and its cohorts plan to strip mine Ukraine just as they did with Russia. From Eamon McKinney at strategic-culture.org:

It is now some five months since Russia embarked on its offensive to liberate the people of the Eastern Ukraine. At the outset, the outpouring of love and compassion for the Ukraine from the collective West was heartwarming. The mainstream media, fresh off their genocidal Covid complicity moved into high gear. Russophobia on steroids was the “new thing”. All things Russian had to banned and of course, Putin was the new Hitler. The blogosphere was alight with a new topic with which the great and good could virtue signal their way into heaven. Ukrainian flags were seemingly everywhere and blue and yellow became the fashion item de jour. Western leaders were barging each other out of the way to decry Russia and proclaim their undying love and support for the Ukrainian people. Of course, not all the Ukrainians, not the Russian speakers in the East who had been bombed and murdered relentlessly for the previous eight years, just the recently inconvenienced citizens who didn’t speak Russian. This selective compassion was on full display as all the Western puppet politicians went into full tough guy mode to try and look strong for an electorate that post Covid already widely despised them.

This Western love affair was alas all too brief for the Globalists, they had spent eight years trying to provoke Russia into an offensive. While the Western Governments continued to proclaim their support for the Puppet Zelensky, the people of the West quickly cooled in their affections. Perhaps it was the realisation that they had once again been lied to and that the conflict didn’t begin in February, but had in fact been going on for eight years. Maybe it was because they realised that the war was being fought by Ukrainian Neo-Nazi’s who were committing unspeakable atrocities on the people. Or maybe the knowledge that the Ukraine wasn’t in fact a democracy, but a violent oppressive regime that suppressed democracy. Alas, more likely it is because they are beginning to understand who will pay the price for the war, them.

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Zelensky Gives Impassioned Plea For More U.S. Money While Wearing Fur Coat And Gold Chain

From The Babylon Bee:

Article Image

KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukrainian President and American pop culture icon Volodymyr Zelensky made another emotional plea today for additional U.S. funding to help his country’s war efforts against Russia.

Dressed in a full-length fur coat and a fat gold chain with a diamond-encrusted dollar sign, Zelensky made an impassioned request. “We are in dire need of additional financial resources to help us in our struggle against the evil Russian invaders,” Zelensky told the media gathered around him. “It is only through the generosity of the American government that the Ukrainian people will be able to fight back against our oppressors.”

The Biden Administration was all too happy to comply. “The President has already authorized an additional $800 million in aid for the brave Ukrainian government,” said White House spokesperson Liz Megli. “And the American people can have full confidence that this money is going directly into the hands of the Ukrainian military and suffering Ukrainian children and is in no way part of a massive international money laundering scheme.”

Republican congressional leaders initially questioned the additional funding but quickly changed their minds after the media asked them why they hated Ukrainian children and wanted them to die.

At publishing time, Zelensky was already busy earmarking where the latest wave of U.S. funding would go. “It will be used for very good things. Yes, only to aid us in our righteous cause,” Zelensky said before ordering the crew of his jet to be sure the bottles of Cristal on board were sufficiently chilled before takeoff.

On the Transfiguration of Europe: From Nuland’s Dream to Nuland’s Nightmare, by Batiushka

Once upon a time Ukraine was prosperous and populated. Now it is poor, corrupt, and depopulating. From Batiushka at thesaker.is:

Introduction: Carpathian Rus

The geographical centre of Europe just happens tobe in the post-1945 Ukraine, 15 km (10 miles) from Rakhovo (in the Ukrainian occupiers’ language, Rakhiv). This is in the far east of the Ukraine, in the province of ‘Zakarpattia’ or ‘Transcarpathia’, which is the imperialist name given by the Ukrainian centralisers to the area. In reality, it is Kiev that is across, ‘trans’, the Carpathians, not ‘Transcarpathia’.

Zakarpattia was before the Second World War the main part of Subcarpathian Rus, also called Carpathian Rus, Rusinia or, in medieval Latin, Ruthenia. Smaller parts of it are now in the corner of south-eastern Poland, where lived the Lemkos, and in far eastern Slovakia. The people there call themselves Rusins or Rusnaks and despite three generations of Ukrainian linguistic imperialism, many still speak Rusin, which, although related, is a separate language from standard Ukrainian or any of its dialects and is also far more ancient. The first Orthodox Christians in what is now the Ukraine lived here, and helped to convert Kiev.

In 2004 I had to go to the far east of Slovakia (also once part of Carpathian Rus) for a village funeral and there met an elderly ‘Ukrainian’ man. In fact, he was a Rusin. In the early 1950s he had fled the Soviet Union for Norway while serving in the Red Army near Murmansk and from there had come to live near family members in eastern Slovakia near the Ukrainian border. The ex-soldier had been born in 1917 in what was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which then became Subcarpathian Rus in Czechoslovakia, which then became part of Nazi Hungary, which was then taken over by the Soviet Ukraine. The village where he had been born had not moved: politicians had. The Rusins are a people without a country and always have been.

Nuland’s Dream

I mention all this because the drama of the survival of Europe, of which the Ukraine, despite Western European illusions of self-importance, is the geographical centre, is now being played out in another part of the Ukraine. This is 960 km (600 miles) east of the centre of Europe, in the city of Zaporozhye, where there is situated one of the four nuclear power plants in the Ukraine. It is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, supplying the Ukraine with 20% of its total electricity needs. Since 4 March 2022 it has been under Russian control.

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CBS Wanted To Do Critical Reporting On Ukraine’s Government But Ukraine’s Government Said No, by Caitlin Johnstone

It’s deplorable when mainstream media allows the U.S. government to tell it what to cover. Even worse is when the media allows foreign governments to dictate coverage. From Caitlin Johnstone at caitlinjohnstone.com:

Following objections from the Ukrainian government, CBS News has removed a short documentary which had reported concerns from numerous sources that a large amount of the supplies being sent to Ukraine aren’t making it to the front lines.

The Ukrainian government has listed its objections to the report on a government website, naming Ukrainian officials who objected to it and explaining why each of the CBS news sources it dislikes should be discounted. After the report was taken down and the Twitter post about it removed, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this was a good start but still not enough.

“Welcome first step, but it is not enough,” Kuleba tweeted. “You have misled a huge audience by sharing unsubstantiated claims and damaging trust in supplies of vital military aid to a nation resisting aggression and genocide. There should be an internal investigation into who enabled this and why.”

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Ukraine War: Biowarfare and the Theft of Billions, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Ukraine has been a sewer for a long time and the U.S. biowarfare program there just adds to the stench. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Story at-a-glance

  • For years, Ukraine was recognized as one of the most, if not “the” most, corrupt nation in Europe. It held on to that reputation all the way up to the day Russia invaded it, at which point media worldwide suddenly started rewriting history
  • A few days after firing several top officials, Zelensky also issued a blacklist of American “pro-Russian propagandists,” which includes Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald
  • After receiving billions of dollars from American taxpayers, Zelensky now wants to silence American politicians and journalists who question government’s use of funds and America’s continued involvement in the Ukraine conflict — a move that raises questions about Ukraine being a bastion of democracy and freedom
  • U.S. aid to Ukraine may be a corrupt scheme to steal taxpayer funds, launder the money through Ukraine, and then funnel the money back into the hands of the transnational security elite
  • Another angle that can help explain U.S. support of Ukraine’s authoritarian regime is that we have a number of biolabs in Ukraine, the purposes of which the U.S. government is keen to obscure. Russia claims it will release a comprehensive report before U.S. midterms detailing how top Democrats facilitated illegal biowarfare research in Ukraine, in collaboration with Big Pharma, which in turn funneled massive campaign contributions back to Democrats

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