Ben Carson Is Not Politically Correct, But He Is CORRECT, by Karl Denninger

The Second Amendment allows the people to protect themselves from the government, pure and simple. Everything else that is said about the Second Amendment, from both proponents and opponents of gun control or prohibition, is secondary to that primary point. From Karl Denninger at

The latest ditty that has the media all in a tizzy is Ben Carson’s statement that if the Germans had not surrendered their firearms a few years earlier The Holocaust probably wouldn’t have happened — or would have been far less severe.

The number of people who pounced on this is a sad reflection of what our nation and logic — or lack thereof, has become.

The usual nonsense has been trotted out — that Carson’s remarks disrespected those who died in the Holocaust, and particularly in the Warsaw Ghetto.


It is a fact that in the 30s Germany passed laws essentially disarming the public. The Weimar Republic forced gun registration upon its citizens in 1931. Two years later Hitler came to power via democratic election.

In 1938 Hitler signed a gun control act, banning Jews from working in the firearms industry and banning .22 caliber hollow-point ammunition (very inexpensive ammunition; exactly what you need if you’re poor.) He ordered Jews to surrender their weapons and of course the police had records of everyone who had registered them. This took place literal weeks before Kristallnacht in November of 1938.

This is a historical fact and no amount of bull**** spewing from the left will change it.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising did indeed fail, but not without some Nazi blood being spilled that otherwise wouldn’t have. The Nazis intended to intern and murder every single Jew present there and but for that uprising they would have succeeded too. As it was they still got most of the Jews, but not all of them, and there was a price, even though the resistance was only able to cobble up a few pistols, improvised grenades and confiscated weapons from the Nazis they killed.

The bigger problem that Carson pointed out, and which the left does not wish to address because it directly runs with their worldview, is that the people of Germany largely lost before the Nazis killed the first person.

They lost because they refused to assert their fundamental rights granted not by a government but vested in them by virtue of their being human, exactly as we are doing today.

Let’s be clear folks — you have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit (but not guarantee) of happiness. You don’t have those rights because a government says so; you have them because you’re human.

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