Coming to a City Near You, by Monty Pelerin

From Monty Pelerin at

Coming to a city near you are Muslim refugees. We know what they are doing in Europe despite attempts to cover up or downplay the incidents. The very fabric of Europe and the EU is threatened by the political insanity of accepting these refugees. (See AP Report.)

Compassion is important, but committing cultural suicide is not a proper way to handle this matter. This confrontation is a clash of civilizations, although in reality there may be only one civilization involved.

The political bet, if it is even thought out as such, appears to be that newcomers can be converted to the 21st Century before they turn Europe into the 7th Century.

This video link shows rioting in Australia. It is not a pretty sight. The sound is difficult, but the rioters are clearly shouting Obama’s name. Best I can tell they are shouting “I love Obama.”

It is easy to say that most Muslims are peaceful. But so are most pit bulls. When there is no way of differentiating between good and bad pit bulls, you keep pit bulls away from yourself and your family. That is only common sense, a commodity that appears to be missing from the political elites around the world.

There is great danger in what is happening. The danger is twofold. First, it manifests itself as terror against peaceful citizens. Second, it will produce a backlash that will turn peaceful citizens into monsters seeking retribution. When government does not provide justice and protection, the demand for these services does not go away. It is met in other ways. Vigilantism has a long history around the world. It will return unless governments deal with this crisis properly.

No one, particularly the Muslim community, should wish for that. Justice is too easily displaced by revenge and innocent Muslims will be targeted for the sins of the barbarians.

The politicians who want to flood their countries with uncivilized hordes will be held accountable. Their decisions are wrongheaded or made with the expectations of improving their own political fortunes. If they think so much of these refugees, they should support them, including having them move in with themselves and their families. Of course that will never happen. Few politicians even live in areas where they come into contact with the rabble they mine for votes.


One response to “Coming to a City Near You, by Monty Pelerin

  1. The late 1990’s were a social mood high, We Are the World, born of a manic belief in unlimited resources. This has effects predicted by r/K theory (see the blog of Anonymous Conservative for exposition.)



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