The Duce Disappoints, by Eric Peters

On the crucial issue of individual rights versus state usurpation, Eric Peters sees no differences between the two presidential candidates. From Peters at

The “debate” earlier this week disabused me of hope that Trump might be something other than yet another authoritarian collectivist.

He basically agreed with would-be (and probably will be) Chairman Hillary on every substantive point – from not disputing “climate change” to amen’ing her calls for government direction of the economy.

They bickered over details.

He did not denounce Obamacare – or take issue at any level with either the police state at home or the warfare state abroad. If anything, he has become even more belligerent on the latter score. For example, his blood-curdling call for the death penalty for any person who shoots an armed government worker (i.e., a cop).

Trump – like all authoritarian collectivists – views the lives of those who enforce authoritarian collectivism as particularly valuable.

Ours less so.

He defended presumptive guilt “stop and frisk” policies, an outrage against not just the Fourth Amendment but the core tenet of a free society: That a man who hasn’t done anything to arouse suspicion he may have committed a crime should be left in peace to go about his business – without having to prove he hasn’t committed a crime.

Donald is earning his Fez.

It’s all pretty depressing.

Trump’s appeal is fueled by popular hatred for a system – a government/corporate nexus – that has become economically exploitative to a brazen and insufferable degree and contemptuous, at the same time, of whatever scraps of our rights remain.

A government – and government officials – who do whatever they like, often profiting despicably from it – and never being held to account much less put behind bars.

So many examples.

Snowden, for instance. This guy leaked “state secrets” revealing criminal actions of the government … and was targeted for criminal prosecution by the government.

Hillary commits criminal acts – and runs for president.

A cop shoots an unarmed, hands-up, retreating-from-her man… and is eventually charged with manslaughter. Only because of popular outrcry, which occurred only because the summary execution was caught on tape.

An ordinary citizen who shot an unarmed man walking away from him, attempting to retreat, with his hands up in the air, would be looking at a murder charge and decades in prison.

On and on it goes…

Trump’s meteoric ascendance has been fueld by the hope that, somehow, he might do something to ameliorate these and many other outrages. That he might be different. Not one of them. Not another authoritarian collectivist.

Well, it looks like those hopes were misplaced.

Trump’s selection of Mike Pence – a worse-than-boilerplate authoritarian collectivist – was unsettling. But it could be put down to the necessity of making nice with the GOP partei establishment, which was necessary in order to secure the nomination.

But Trump’s refusal on Monday to disagree with Hillary in any fundamental way about the legitimate authority of the state – his piddling with her over how the state’s authority would be imposed by him rather than her – makes the idea of getting out of bed on Election Day seem pretty pointless.

They had elections in the old Soviet Union, too.

Team Red or Team Blue will win.

But the old American ideas of being left free to pursue our happiness as individuals, free from coercion to conform and submit to the “plans” of Dear Leader (and Chairperson) types in a far-away capital, their minions sent hither and yon to enforce these edicts…. well, they’ve been thrown in the woods.

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2 responses to “The Duce Disappoints, by Eric Peters

  1. This piece was linked as part of a post of another in the same vein over at WRSA, and some of the commentary is pretty appalling, to put it mildly. With “friends” like these, the enemies of freedom are entirely superfluous.


    • I saw the one mega comment. It sounded like he hadn’t even read my article, just the title. I didn’t read the whole comment; I didn’t have the time. Needless to say, I also don’t have the time to respond to it. There’s always going to be some people who don’t like what you write, but I was amazed at the length of the guy’s comment.


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