Trump is the Perfect President, by Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski concludes that Donald Trump is the perfect president, given contemporary attitudes about politics and governance. From Kwiatkowski at

A river of angst and anger is roaring, gushing, and flooding the country.

Trump’s psychological state, ability, intelligence, actions and intentions, impact and ramifications — suddenly everyone is wide awake and nervous.

Trump’s consistencies and inconsistencies are equally frightening, his exercise of power as the “most powerful man in the world” seem insane in so many ways.

Like Captain Renault in a Casa Blanca gambling hall, I am shocked – shocked – to find that the exercise of state power is dangerous, evil, unfair, unlimited, and served up without finesse or human decency!

Democrats and Republicans for decades eagerly created a massive currency printing debt-slave funded government, with a massive and terrible foreign policy. They promoted an arrogant self-congratulatory exceptionalism, whether based on lies about how much they cared about human rights (they never did) or how much they cared about liberty (they cannot even spell the word). Every president has served as a co-conspirator against the Republic, either as power addicts or puppets of power addicts who with dedication and commitment chipped and hacked away at the Constitution.

The politically active, ignorant government believers in this country have all worked hard to create the very problems of the state with which Trump is now saddled and accused.

I celebrate the Trump presidency as a wake-up call for the lying hypocrites who have created the government we now have.

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