Self-Proclaimed ‘Liberals’ Are Now Fawning Over George W. Bush, by Michael Krieger

Liberals are suddenly saying nice things about George W. Bush, of “Bush Lied, People Died” bumper sticker fame. Bush also signed the Patriot Act and presided over the worst recession since the Great Depression. No matter; he’s not Donald Trump. From Michael Krieger at

In conclusion, we need popular movements, we don’t need stupidity. If you don’t like Trump’s vision, you better have competing vision and be willing and able to articulate it. The status quo is dead. We are in a populist age, with tremendous opportunity to make the world a better place if we can take the moment and run with it. As it stands, the Democratic Party remains business as usual, and if it stays that way, will continue to lose election after election and become a increasingly irrelevant factor in American political life.

If you don’t want to be an irrelevant victim of history, the time is now to become involved in powerful political movements. This doesn’t include covering your ears, smashing windows and complaining about the Russians.

– From the post: You Can’t Resist Trump by Closing Your Eyes

I’m not a big fan of litmus tests, but here’s one I think is entirely appropriate. If you’re a self-proclaimed “liberal” who’s suddenly fawning over George W. Bush, you’re a fraud and should probably never speak again.

Unfortunately, this most recent demonstration of mindless, unprincipled liberal “ideology” continues to make the term completely useless, and the people who use it to describe themselves, increasingly irrelevant. When you stand for nothing, you’ll allow anything, including the whitewashing of war crimes. This is precisely the direction celebrities, fake liberals and the corporate media are taking us in, and it’s no accident.

Think about it. If the public can be convinced that George W. Bush is some sort of hero just because Trump is in office, what can’t we be convinced of? If torture and the destruction of a nation based on false information can now be overlooked, what can’t be overlooked? That’s why this intentional resurrection of George W. Bush seems like a psychological operation against the American public. It’s a way of saying, who cares about the horrific crimes committed by the American elite class over the past 20 years, we have to unite against Trump and Putin! To this I say: Never.

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