April Fools: The Emperor’s Fine Apparel, by Uncola

Uncola at theburningplatform.com with an up-to-date unmasking of the mainstream media and their fake news.

Whenever I fire up the internet on my desktop, my browser automatically defaults to MSN.com, because reviewing the headlines there is a perfect way to understand what Big Brother wants John Q. Public to believe. According to Pew Research, MSN is the third most popular news website on the interwebs. Even when considering news aggregate sites like Drudge, MSN still obtains several times the page views, although as Politico has reported, the Drudge Report remains the leading source of referral traffic for many of the top news organizations in the country.

As most of you know, MSN (Microsoft Network) news stories, similar to Drudge, will link to an entire array of online media sources ranging from mainstream outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, NBC, ABC, et al; but Drudge will venture slightly more into the foreign press including websites such as The Daily Mail, which Wikipedia labels as a tabloid; and will point more often to the Alternative Media which the Mainstream Media has characterized as “fake news”. These “alternative” news sources would include websites such as Zero Hedge and Infowars.com.

According to the Mainstream Media’s original, and truly Orwellian, “fake news” source, PropOrNot, there exist Russian “Thinkfluencers” who manipulate U.S. public opinion through online propaganda via the Alternative Media’s “source” and “repeater” outlets:

Both source and repeater outlets target a wide range of audiences: US military veterans, Wall St. insiders and finance specialists, natural-food and health enthusiasts, goldbugs, African-Americans, white Americans, peace activists, religious people, 9/11-“truthers”, and politically-active Americans across and outside the political spectrum.

Ironically, the Drudge Report actually made the original PropOrNot list of Russian controlled websites, so the original fake news story in the Jeff Bezos’ owned Washington Post had to be later appended.

To continue reading: April Fools: The Emperor’s Fine Apparel

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