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It Is About Time That We Had A President That Was Willing To Go To War With The Mainstream Media, by Michael Snyder

The mainstream media needs to be confronted and challenged in the worst way. From Michael Snyder at theeconomiccollapseblog.com:

Thursday afternoon’s press conference was perhaps the most memorable moment of Donald Trump’s presidency so far. Trump’s blistering attack on the media was quite a spectacle, but the truth is that it was desperately needed. For decades, the mainstream media has dominated political discourse in this country no matter who has been in control of the White House or Congress. They have become masters of guiding and shaping public opinion, and in recent years they have completely discarded any pretense of being “unbiased” or “objective”. These monolithic media organizations relentlessly push the progressive agenda of their owners (the global elite), and that is why the “news” always seems to be just about the same no matter which network it is coming from. Their monopoly is slowly being broken by the rise of the alternative media, but the truth is that most Americans still rely on just a handful of ultra-powerful media organizations for their news.

So when Trump brutally attacked the mainstream media at his press conference on Thursday, millions upon millions of Americans greatly rejoiced, because they finally got what was coming to them. And then on Friday, Trump posted a message to Twitter calling the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN “the enemy of the American people”…

Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump
The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!
2:48 PM – 17 Feb 2017
46,485 46,485 Retweets 145,043 145,043 likes

After Donald Trump’s surprise election victory in November, many in the mainstream media started referring to the pro-Trump alternative media as “fake news”, but now Trump has totally turned that insult against them.

For weeks Trump has been referring to CNN as “fake news”, but on Friday he said that he was now going to refer to them as “very fake news”. The following exchange between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta comes from the official White House website…

Q Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir —

THE PRESIDENT: I’m changing it from fake news, though.

Q Doesn’t that undermine —

THE PRESIDENT: Very fake news now. (Laughter.)

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The “Fake News” Censorship Industry, by Robbie Travers

Governments are taking it upon themselves to eradicate the scourge of “fake news.” What could go wrong? From Robbie Travers at gatestoneinstitute.org:

• Name a single person or organisation you trust to control your speech. Whom would you trust to control what you can read, or make decisions on what is true and what is false for you? Whom do you trust to police what you think?

The German government thinks it knows exactly who should be the arbiter of truth and what articles you should be allowed to post. Itself!

• This would lead to a monopolisation of the media industry. One or two large platforms would dominate the public debate; fringe voices would be ignored or cast aside.

• Who is to police the police? Facebook, caught out, already had to dismiss those compiling their trending stories, when it was revealed that they had a runaway political bias and were routinely suppressing (conservative) material with which they did not agree.

• The whole censorship industry is open to abuse; presumably, that is what censorship is for in the first place.

Name a single person or organisation you trust to control your speech. Whom would you trust to control what you can read, or make decisions on what is true and what is false for you? Whom do you trust to police what you think?

The German government thinks it knows exactly who should be the arbiter of truth and what articles you should be allowed to post. Itself!

After a bill was proposed by German lawmakers, which threatened fines of up to 500,000 euros ($522,000) for publishing “fake news,” Facebook decided to use an organisation called Correctiv, described as a German fact-checking non-profit organisation, to decide whether reported stories are “real” or “fake.”

This system would then encourage individual Facebook users to report other users’ posts to Correctiv. Facebook would then have Correctiv label any of the articles “fake news,” as they see fit.

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The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer, by Glenn Greenwald

Remember the old Democratic party of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s that was reflexively distrustrustful of the intelligence agencies and the military-industrial complex? As was later revealed, they had good reason for being so. Now, however, grasping at straws to discredit Trump, the intelligence agencies are their new best friends. From Glenn Greenwald at theintercept.com:

IN JANUARY, 1961, Dwight Eisenhower delivered his farewell address after serving two terms as U.S. president; the five-star general chose to warn Americans of this specific threat to democracy: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” That warning was issued prior to the decadelong escalation of the Vietnam War, three more decades of Cold War mania, and the post-9/11 era, all of which radically expanded that unelected faction’s power even further.

This is the faction that is now engaged in open warfare against the duly elected and already widely disliked president-elect, Donald Trump. They are using classic Cold War dirty tactics and the defining ingredients of what has until recently been denounced as “Fake News.”

Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry and damaging those behaviors might be.

The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There are a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combatting those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach.

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Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter, by Douglas Herman

This article is an anthem for all those who toil in the alternative media, delivering news, analyses, and opinions decidedly different, on the whole, than those of the mainstream media. From Douglas Herman at strike-the-root.com:

“A lie can travel half way around the world while truth is still putting on its shoes.” ~ Mark Twain

I write for those so-called “fake news” websites. You know the ones: the 200 odd deplorable websites, the ones Hillary, the Pope and Michael Moore have attacked as threatening to destroy World Peace, Democracy, Facebook and the Mainstream Media (MSM).

I only write for a handful of them, sad to say, although I’ve been linked to scores more. One of my recent columns went viral and it probably swayed the entire election – for better or worse: Before Trump, Sen Bulworth Spoke Truth To Power . Seriously, the blatant corruption of the losing team, from Super Delegates to Podesta and PizzaGate to hidden Hillary health issues and secret sums of money funneling through the Clinton Foundation in “Pay to Play” accusations cost them the election, despite the best efforts and endorsements of the entire American media.

I’ve written for Rense, Counterpunch, Antiwar and Zerohedge. Most of my best stuff appears here on Strike The Root first, or STR as we call it, a website where Henry David Thoreau rather than Mark Zuckerberg is our moderator. Tragically, STR did not appear on ProporNot and we are devastated, absolutely devastated. Not.

Sometimes I ask my friends: If knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, which is preferable? I always hope someone will respond, as Socrates or Obi Wan would have: Knowledge of our ignorance is power; bliss in this age is unattainable.

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Was Claim by Department of Homeland Security and FBI About Russian Hacking Fake News? by David Spring

David Spring, who judging by his credentials may know what’s he talking about, takes apart the DHS/FBI report on Russian hacking. From Spring at truthdig.com (please see the original article for links to the report and other links):

Editor’s note: David Spring, M. Ed., is a retired college instructor from Seattle who specializes in website design and security. This article has been very lightly edited at Truthdig; its information was not affected. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

On December 29, 2016, the Hill posted an article discussing a 13-page report that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security presented as “evidence” of Russian hacking in US elections.

Wikileaks has repeatedly stated that the source of its leaks was a disgruntled Democratic Party insider.

However, President Obama issued a press release on December 29, 2016, using the DHS-FBI report to justify increasing sanctions against Russia.

I therefore decided to see what the evidence was of Russian involvement in US elections. The Hill article linked to this 13-page government press release.

The government press release written by DHS-FBI did not mention Wikileaks. Nor did the report provide any evidence of Russian hacking in the US elections. Instead, the press release stated that “technical indicators” of Russian hacking were in the “CSV file and XML file attached with the PDF.” However, there was no CSV or XML file or link attached with the PDF. I was eventually able to find these two files at this link.

To see the evidence of Russian hacking firsthand, I downloaded the CSV file and converted it into a spreadsheet. The CSV file and the XML file both contained the same data. Here is the XML link to this data which can be viewed online in a web browser.

Both files provide a list of 895 “indicators” of Russian hacking. Unfortunately, nearly all of these indicators are simply IP addresses. In other words, it is a list of 895 servers from more than 40 countries around the world. But the list also includes a few website domain names. (A domain name is simply the name of the website such as Youtube.com.) I looked up these website domain names with this tool, which tells us who owns the domain names and where they are located.

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More Mainstream Media Fake News, by Ol’ Remus

Does relevant news you won’t print because of racial considerations constitute fake news or suppressed news, or both? Regardless of the answer, the following story has a lot to do with why many Americans are fleeing the mainstream media. From Ol’ Remus on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

The Associated Press news service, as policy, does not specify the race of a perp unless he’s white. When there is no description at all we’re supposed to believe none is available, which has become something of a wink-wink in itself. Recently the AP used an inventive dodge, “police did not release a detailed description”. How precious. Now even their coverups have a coverup.

Here are the particulars.

“Boy, 3, out shopping with grandma dies in road rage shooting” says this Associated Press news report from Little Rock, Arkansas. It continues, “Police said they were looking for an older black Chevrolet Impala. Police did not release a detailed description of the man who was driving it.” The last sentence seemed devious even for the AP, so I checked a source known for being more straightforward and complete, the UK’s online Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail report was , “Arkansas boy, 3, is shot dead in sickening road-rage attack ‘because his grandma wasn’t driving fast enough’”, by Associated Press and James Wilkinson for dailymail.com. Here are the key sentences: “The other driver honked his horn, and King-Macon honked back, the police report said. ‘A black male then exited [the Impala] and fired one shot’, the report said.”

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Who Will Watch the Watchers? by Uncola

Nothing should make people feel better than an announcement from a major technology and social media company that it will be watching out for them. From Uncola at theburningplatform.com:

On December 15th, 2016 Facebook announced a series of measures designed to address what they have termed the “issue of fake news and hoaxes”. The assault on fake news by Facebook will consist of four initiatives including: Easier reporting by readers, flagging stories as disputed, informed sharing and disrupting financial incentives for spammers.

If Facebook readers, in their infinite wisdom, decide a certain shared story is a hoax, they can simply click the right hand corner of the post. This is great. Why, it might even make the Facebook community a last line of defense in the online information war. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am going to sleep much better knowing this. What could go wrong?

Next, in order to flag any story as fake news, Facebook has started a program working with third-party fact checking organizations that are “signatories of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles”.

Thirdly, “Informed Sharing” is explained by Facebook in this way:

We’re always looking to improve News Feed by listening to what the community is telling us. We’ve found that if reading an article makes people significantly less likely to share it, that may be a sign that a story has misled people in some way. We’re going to test incorporating this signal into ranking, specifically for articles that are outliers, where people who read the article are significantly less likely to share it.

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