Ann Coulter Backs Out from Berkeley: For Patriots, It’s Still On, by Jack Kerwick

The left has descended into violence and its Democratic partisans have not denounced or tried to stop it. The Republicans have failed to use their control of many state and local governments to address the violence. From Jack Kerwick at

After a highly publicized ordeal involving UC Berkeley and Ann Coulter, and after the latter insisted as recently as just a few hours before the time of this writing that she would speak at Berkeley irrespectively of the fact that administrators had done all that they could to prevent her from being heard, Ann has decided to…cancel her event.

“There will be no speech,” she wrote in an email to Reuters. Two groups that originally planned on sponsoring her had backed out.  “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team.” Ann added: “I have no sponsor, no lawyer, no court order.  I can’t vindicate constitutional rights on my own.  I was just supposed to give the speech.”

Whether these were the only considerations that led a defiant Ann Coulter to reverse course as dramatically and abruptly as she did is questionable.  For the time being, they are also beside the point.  The points that are worth focusing on here are three-fold.

First, the left has thrust the country into a new era of political violence. That’s right.  It is on the collective shoulders of the militant, neo-communist left, and no one else, on which the burden for this violence directly rests.  That being said, while the domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter, the so-called “antifa,” and those who are physically attacking their opponents are directly responsible for the mayhem, their ideological ilk in the Democrat Party and its network of propaganda organs—the “media” and Hollywood—own this as well.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi—they have both fueled the flames with their reckless rhetoric and sat in silence as the anti-American terrorist wing of their party victimized innocents.

They deserve and, God-permitting, will receive their comeuppance.

To continue reading: Ann Coulter Backs Out from Berkeley: For Patriots, It’s Still On


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