Another Government Scam, by Bill Bonner

France has one of the more annoying governments in the world, and that’s saying something. From Bill Bonner at

POITOU, FRANCE – “You can’t take that car into Paris.”

Our gardener is our source of local news and universal wisdom.

“You don’t have a green sticker,” he explained.

The French are always finding ways to make life expensive, difficult, inefficient, and unproductive. In the latest installment, they have instituted a system that is meant to keep old cars like ours off the streets of the capital.

Banned From the Streets

“It’s just too old and too polluting,” Damien told us.

“They give you a sticker for the windshield. If you have a low-emission, new car, you get a green sticker. If you have a normal car, you get a yellow sticker.

“But for this one, you’d get a black sticker… and you’re not allowed on the streets.”

This was a blow.

We’ve had these wheels – a Renault van, which was very handy when we had five children and a grandmother at home – for 20 years.

The diesel engine never failed us. We were planning to drive up to Paris for meetings on Friday.

Bill’s decades-old van

Now, we will have to take the train. Which is not bad… in theory.

But in practice, the trains are dominated by unionized workers. They still have pictures of Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky on their living room walls… and raise their right fists in salute each time they pass.

They believe it is their duty to inconvenience the bourgeoisie as much as possible. Typically, they go on strike when it will be most disruptive to others… and most agreeable for themselves.

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