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Falsehoods and Lies: Inciting War Is a War Crime, by Strategic Culture

Once upon a time when you made an accusation you had to have something to back it up. That is no longer true as far as the US and it’s allies’ many accusations against Russia and its allies go. From the Strategic Culture editorial board at strategic-culture.org:

The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed.

This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries.

There were also crass claims by US officials that Russia was behind so-called sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba.

Then a Dutch foreign minister was forced to resign after he finally admitted telling lies for the past two years over alleged Russian plans for regional aggression.

Elsewhere, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed this week during a tour of the Middle East that “the primary goal” of his nation’s involvement in Syria is “to defeat” Islamic State (Daesh) terrorism.

This is patently false given that the US forces illegally occupying parts of Syria are launching lethal attacks on Syrian armed forces who are actually fighting Islamic State and their myriad terrorist affiliates.

Meanwhile, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Russia of blocking peace efforts in Syria – another audacious falsehood to add to her thick compendium of calumny.

Perhaps the most barefaced falsehood transpired this week when French President Emmanuel Macron candidly admitted that his government did not have any proof of chemical weapons being used in Syria.

“Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population,” said Macron to media in Paris.

His admission follows that of US Defense Secretary James Mattis who also fessed up earlier this month to having no evidence of chemical weapons being deployed in Syria.

“We have other reports from the battlefield from people who claim it’s been used,” said Mattis to reporters at the Pentagon. “We do not have evidence of it.”

Yet, only a few weeks ago, the French and US government were condemning Syrian President Assad for alleged use of chemical weapons by his forces. France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also accused Russia of bearing responsibility because of its alliance with Damascus.

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France: Muslims In, Jews Out, by Giulio Meotti

Muslims are driving Jews out of many of their traditional districts in France. From Giulio Meotti at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • Suburbs have become transformed into one of the most visible signs of the Islamization of France. Anti-Semitism is devouring the French Republic.
  • While Jewish symbols disappear from France, Islamic symbols proliferate, from burkinis on the beaches to veils in the workplace. Jews who have not fled France are trying to become “invisible”.
  • France’s suburbs are rapidly becoming apartheid societies. Hatred of Jews has become the gateway to “la France soumise” — the submission of France.

Suburbs (“banlieues”) — distant from the affluent boulevards and bistros of Paris — form the “other France“. They are the “peripheral France“, (“La France Périphérique”) as the geographer Christophe Guilluy calls them in an important book. They are where “living together” between communities has really been tested.

In the last 20 years, these French suburbs have not only become “concentrations of poverty and social isolation“, but have gone from being some of France’s most densely-populated Jewish areas to “lost territories of the Republic“, according to the great historian Georges Bensoussan, in his book, Les territoires perdus de la République.

These suburbs have become transformed into one of the most visible signs of the Islamization of France.

Anti-Semitism has returned as one of Europe’s worst diseases. France hosts Europe’s largest Jewish community, and Jews have been fleeing the suburbs to either emigrate or move to gentrified districts of the cities, where they feel more protected. What happens to the Jews will have a seismic impact on the entire continent.

In the Parisian suburb of Bagneux, someone recently vandalized the memorial plaque for Ilan Halimi, a young Jew who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a “barbarian gang” in 2006, just for being a Jew. At the time, it was France’s first case of murderous anti-Semitism in many years. After it, Islamists murdered Jews at a school in Toulouse and a kosher supermarket in Paris.

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Why Greece took the fall for a European banking crisis, by Claire Connelly

The Greece bailouts have actually bailed out French and German banks. From Claire Connelly at renegadeinc.com:

The Greek bailouts were a banking crisis in disguise. In an excerpt of her upcoming book, editor-in-chief, Claire Connelly, explores how Greece took the fall for decades of irresponsible lending by French and German banks. If Greece continues to participate in the European Union, democracy is doomed.

It is somewhat fitting that the birthplace of democracy is now the battle ground for its continued existence.

The cliche of opulence and laziness disguises real Greek misfortune at the hands of the European community – and America – resulting in one of the most offensive punchlines of all time: Somehow Greece deserves the economic disaster wrought upon it, a severity not seen since The Great Depression.

In reality, the country’s long financial crisis is one big deliberate illusion created by some of the world’s largest banks and multinational conglomerates that have sidelined governments and made the rule of law and the will of the people all but irrelevant.

It has prioritised multinational profits over the economic needs of Eurozone countries, and even those outside of the union. With no sovereign currency with which to balance the score, Greece has become utterly subject to France, Germany, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank, (ECB).

The money from the three bailouts did not go to Greece at all and did not restore prosperity – it was never designed to in the first place – but flowed straight back into the coffers of French and German banks whose bad decisions over the last half century became the burden of the Greek people.

Banks never pay for their own mistakes. The European Union was formed – at least in part – to avoid the wars, destruction and barbarism of the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s – but a monetary union with no federal mechanisms and no recourse for exploitation has led to war by other means. (It is no coincidence that fascism has reared its ugly head in Europe’s economically weaker nations while Germany continues to dominate the Eurozone).

If Greece continues to participate in the European Union, democracy is doomed.

The EU was created as an industrial cartel with the sole purpose of diminishing democracy and made the rule of Parliaments all but irrelevant. These technocrats and finance moguls will not simply hand back back their power to Europe.

Greece and its participating Eurozone partners should take the bold decision to leave the EU to save Europe from itself.

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Another Government Scam, by Bill Bonner

France has one of the more annoying governments in the world, and that’s saying something. From Bill Bonner at bonnerandpartners.com:

POITOU, FRANCE – “You can’t take that car into Paris.”

Our gardener is our source of local news and universal wisdom.

“You don’t have a green sticker,” he explained.

The French are always finding ways to make life expensive, difficult, inefficient, and unproductive. In the latest installment, they have instituted a system that is meant to keep old cars like ours off the streets of the capital.

Banned From the Streets

“It’s just too old and too polluting,” Damien told us.

“They give you a sticker for the windshield. If you have a low-emission, new car, you get a green sticker. If you have a normal car, you get a yellow sticker.

“But for this one, you’d get a black sticker… and you’re not allowed on the streets.”

This was a blow.

We’ve had these wheels – a Renault van, which was very handy when we had five children and a grandmother at home – for 20 years.

The diesel engine never failed us. We were planning to drive up to Paris for meetings on Friday.

Bill’s decades-old van

Now, we will have to take the train. Which is not bad… in theory.

But in practice, the trains are dominated by unionized workers. They still have pictures of Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky on their living room walls… and raise their right fists in salute each time they pass.

They believe it is their duty to inconvenience the bourgeoisie as much as possible. Typically, they go on strike when it will be most disruptive to others… and most agreeable for themselves.

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Who We Should Really Thank for American Independence, by Bill Bonner

Two of tonight’s posts contain history of which you may not be aware. Here, Bill Bonner gives long overdue credit to the French for the ultimate outcome of the Revolutionary War. From Bonner at bonnerandpartners.com:

Editor’s Note: Our offices are closed for July Fourth. So today, we’re sharing a recent essay from Bill about a mostly forgotten detail about America’s war for independence.

While we were in France last summer, a friend – Laurence Chatel de Brancion – gave us a copy of her new book, La Fayette: Rêver la gloire.

Laurence is a historian who has been studying the life and times of Gilbert de Lafayette, upon whom her book – coauthored with Patrick Villiers – is focused.

Every schoolboy in the U.S. knows the basic story of the U.S. revolt against Britain. The Boston Tea Party… Paul Revere and the Minutemen… the Declaration of Independence… Valley Forge…

As for how the war ended, speaking for ourselves, we know the war effectively ended with the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781. And we give thanks to the French, whom Ben Franklin had courted for years in Paris, for “coming to our aid.”

The French fleet, under Lafayette’s command, arrived at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, cut off the British from their supply lines, and forced them to surrender. That’s why American troops, landing at Le Havre, France, in 1917, announced: “Lafayette, we are here!”

That is the shorthand version. But history is always written by victors. And it is always full of lies.

It is mythmaking… giving people a narrative that helps them feel as though they have something in common, some reason to salute their heroes of the past, and some reason to listen to presidential debates.

When the war against Iraq was launched by George W. Bush, the French refused to participate. Americans branded the French “cowards.” A joke circulated that the French army knew only two words – surrender and collaborate.

“How many French died in World War I?” asked the patriotic Americans. “Not enough,” came the answer.

The Role of the French

Laurence’s book, however, reminds us that without the French, there would be no United States of America. We see that:

  1. The colonists could not win their war against Britain.
  2. The important contest was between the French and the British; the French won.
  3. Americans themselves were divided; some were in favor of the Revolution, others were not.

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France: Macron, President of the Elites and Islamists, by Guy Millière

French President Emmanuel Macron is ideologically and representationally the French male equivalent of Hillary Rodham Clinton. From Guy Millière at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron can only be described as close to the business world if one understands how things work in France. The French economy is a mixed system where it is almost impossible to succeed financially without having close relations with political leaders who can grant favors and subsidies, and either authorize, prohibit or facilitate contracts or hinder them. Macron is not supposed to bring any new impetus to business, but to ensure and consolidate the power of those who placed him where he is.
  • A deliberate side-effect of Macron’s policies will be population change. Macron wants Islam to have more room in France. Like many European leaders, Emmanuel Macron seems convinced that the remedy for the demographic deficit and the aging of ethnic European populations is more immigration.
  • The French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood published an official communiqué, saying: “Muslims think that the new President of the Republic will allow the reconciliation of France with itself and will allow us to go farther, together.”

Emmanuel Macron — whose victory in the French presidential election on May 7, 2017 was declared decisive — was presented as a centrist, a newcomer in politics with strong ties to the business world, and a man who could bring a new impetus to a stagnant country.

The reality, however, is quite different.

His victory was actually not “decisive”. Although he received a high percentage of the votes cast (66%), the number of voters who cast a blank ballot or decided to abstain was the highest everin a French presidential election.

Although his opponent, Marine Le Pen, tried to dissociate herself from the anti-Semitism of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, she was treated as a walking horror by almost all politicians and journalists during the entire campaign. That she nevertheless drew 34% of the votes was a sign of the depth of the anger and frustration that has been engulfing the French people. More than half of those who chose Macron were apparently voting against Marine Le Pen, rather than for Macron.

Macron, who won by default, suffers from a deep lack of legitimacy. He was elected because he was the last man standing, and because the moderate right’s candidate, François Fillon, was sabotaged by a demolition operation carried out by the media and by a political use of justice. Significantly, the legal prosecution of Fillon stopped immediately after he was defeated.

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French Election A Catastrophe For World Peace, by Paul Craig Roberts

The French have elected a leader who unquestioningly accepts an American foreign policy that might destroy France and Europe. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

Marine Le Pen’s defeat, if the vote count was honest, indicates that the French are even more insouciant than Americans.

The week before the election the Russian high command announced that Washington had convinced the Russian military that Washington intended a preemptive nuclear first strike against Russia. No European leader saw danger in this annoucement except Le Pen.

No European leader, and no one in Washington, has stepped forward to reassure the Russians. In the US apparently only my readers even know of the Russian conclusion. Simply nothing is said in the Western media about the extraordinary risk of convincing Russia that the US is preparing a first strike against Russia.

Nothing in the 20th century Cold War comes close to this.

Le Pen, as Trump did prior to his castration by the military/security complex, understands that military conflict with Russia means death for humanity.

Why were the French voters unconcerned with what may be their impending deaths?

The answer is that the French have been brainwashed into believing that to stand for France, as Marine Le Pen does, is to place patriotism and nationalism above diversity and is fascist.

All of Europe, except for the majority of the British, has been brainwashed into the belief that it is Hitler-like or fascist to stand up for your country. For a French man or woman to escape the fascist designation, he or she must be Europeans, not French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

Brainwashed as the French are that it is fascist to stand up for France, the French voted for the international bankers and for the EU.

The French election was a disaster for Europeans, but it was a huge victory for the American neoconservatives who will now be able to push Russia to war without European opposition.