Why Imperial Washington Should Cool it On North Korea, by David Stockman

What’s needed in North Korea is a different strategy. Here’s David Stockman’s proposal, from ronpaulinstitute.org:

The threat of nuclear war has again sharply escalated owing to North Korea’s apparent successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), albeit one that traveled only 600 miles, not the 6,000 miles needed to reach California.

Likewise, it was only a two-stage ICBM not the three-stages needed for extended range delivery. And there was no testing at all of the missile’s capacity to drop a guided warhead through the intense heat of reentry without burning up.

Nor did this week’s test involve any evidence that the clunky A-bombs Pyongyang has tested underground have been successfully miniaturized in order to fit atop its rockets.

So while any actual threat to the US mainland is still years away, the bellicose response of Imperial Washington and the mainstream media is the more pertinent aspect of the current contretemps. It shows that the Washington War Party has completely captured the Donald—–even as it has no clue about why the Fat Boy of Pyongyang keeps rattling the nuclear sword or what it would take to get him to stop.

In this regard, we heard General Wesley Clark on the War Channel (CNN) this AM rattling on with the usual establishment propaganda. That is, the claim that America had kept the peace for 64 years on the Korean peninsula, that it must remain nuke free at all costs and that the only solution is an enhanced package of sanctions, UN resolutions, diplomatic pressures and threats of military action.

Oh, Puleese! Imperial Washington has been doing that for years, but it hasn’t worked yet and a more robust version — ornamented with tweets and bluster from the Donald —won’t work now.

That’s because Washington’s half-century long occupation of South Korea and its current 29,000 lethally armed troops stationed there have not actually kept the peace; they have merely prolonged the political division of the peninsula and provided the external threat that has kept the miserable dictatorship of the Kim family in power since the 1950s.

Moreover, ever since Washington went into the “regime change” business under Bush the Younger, the unnecessary conflict in Korea has sharply escalated and the Pyongyang regime—especially after Kim Jong Un took power in 2011—-has dramatically intensified its quest to develop a nuclear deterrent.

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