Storage Cubby “Criminals”, by Eric Peters

Hidden compartments in cars may soon be illegal, even if they’re not hiding anything illegal, or anything at all. From Eric Peters at

You may be aware that cops can simply steal – yes, that’s exactly the correct word – cash found on your person or in your vehicle, in the course of a traffic stop, say – solely on account of it being an “excessive” amount.

“Excessive” being entirely up to them to define.

It could be $10,000 – or $1,000. There is no specific amount of cash defined by statute that crosses a legal threshold. Thus, one cannot know ahead of time not to carry, say, $5,000 – but $500 is ok.

It is enough that a government worker with a gun considers whatevercash you are found to have in your possession “excessive.”

And these armed government workers can legally stealit from you on the basis of the cash being the presumptive – but not proved – fruits of some illegal activity, usually imputed to be the selling or buying of arbitrarily illegal drugs.

This bears repeating – it need not be proved in a court of law that the money found was obtained illegally.

It is not even necessary to formally charge a person to legally steal their money – provided the thief is an armed government worker stealing it on behalf of the government.

Interestingly, these armed government workers prefer to be called law enforcement, even when they aren’t enforcing any known laws and are in fact abusing the law  – it being legal to possess cash and transport cash. This of course matters not at all when armed government workers decide they want your cash. Then, they just take it.

That is, steal it.

How else to describe it?

And you are powerless – legally – to do a thingabout it.

Perhaps, later – at your expense, both of time and money – you will be able to prove your innocence of drug trafficking to the satisfaction of a judge and he may return your money. But it is no longer necessary for a court to establish your guilt.

This is not new – or news.

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5 responses to “Storage Cubby “Criminals”, by Eric Peters

  1. frank w. hooper

    About 3 years ago on the Keiser report Max and Stacey were talking about a bod market that had been established that permitted the various and sundry LEO’s to get paid for future asset seizures. I tried to contact them asking for the name of the underwriter but had no response. I wrote to other journalist who work on shady finance reporting but no results.
    As a former Bond Trader do you know of any leads or names I can research about it. It makes perfect sense to me that the banksters would creat a botique bond market of this type of theft.


    • Frank,
      I’m not familiar with it and other than doing a general Google search (maybe “Bonds backed by asset seizures”) I don’t know where to look. Sorry about that.


  2. frank w. hooper

    Ok, thanks.


  3. Law EXPANDER agents ?


  4. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    When the law enforcement makes their own laws – who ya gonna call?
    large amount of cash in glove box your MUST be a criminal
    concealed firearm in your vehicle you MUST be a criminal


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