Killing Them is Killing Us, by Robert Gore

The murdered cannot forgive. Their blood won’t be washed.

There is something eerily fascinating about cold-blooded murderers—a staple of Hollywood thrillers and crime dramas—killing without emotion or remorse. Ordinary humans, afflicted with guilt for minor, not even criminal transgressions, can’t conceive of pulling the trigger and then sitting down for dinner. In real life, the number of people who can is glancingly small. Even for those few, actions have consequences. The blood never washes away.

“Live and let live,” is, in American mythology, a benevolent and almost uniquely American attitude. We destroyed Japan and Germany in World War II and then helped rebuild them. Live and let live goes down well with the living, the winners. However, it’s often nothing more than balm for an uneasy conscience, hand sanitizer for bloodstained hands. A century and a half later, many Southerners lack this “unique” American attitude towards their conquerers in the War of Northern Aggression.

The war on terror has laid waste to large swaths of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Cities, towns, and villages have been reduced to smoking, bombed-out rubble, chaos reigns, the carnage is ubiquitous. The US military keeps count of its own personnel wounded and killed, a number in the thousands. Civilian casualties —or collateral damage as the military calls it—across Chaostan (Richard Maybury’s apt coinage) are in the millions, as are the number of people displaced (an estimated 11 million in Syria alone). Imagine the American fury and media sensationalism if a small US town was carpet-bombed by a foreign power. YouTube’s servers would melt from the overflow of viewers watching videos of parents pulling their dead children from collapsed homes.

The war on terror’s refugee flows threaten to upend civic order and submerge the cultures of the countries receiving them. It’s a vicious act of intellectual corruption to maintain that the war on terror does not create terrorists, that those killed, wounded, or displaced have no friends or family who will exact what they consider justified vengeance. The terrorism we see now is lava trickling from a volcano of hatred that has boiled, bubbled, and occasionally erupted for centuries, and will continue to do so. There will be no live and let live. Blood will have blood, not banalities.

Macbeth was a dramatic psychological study of two murderers. They screwed their courage to the sticking place, but they couldn’t turn themselves into killers without conscience. In Mafioso parlance, “button men” are hit men. Figuratively they “push a button,” literally they murder. With the US government, the figurative and literal have merged. Someone pushes a button on a drone, missile, or bomb control and murder is done in furtherance of never-ending American war. It’s as disassociated, remote, and cold-blooded as murder gets. Nevertheless, neither the murderers nor the public from which they try to hide reality will have any more success eluding the psychological turmoil and toll than the Thane of Cawdor and his lady.

During the entirety of President Obama’s terms and most of President Bush’s, the US has been fighting one or more wars. Odds are there will be no peace during Trump’s tenure either. What does it do to a government, and the people in it, when collateral damage, a bloodless term that now applies to millions of bloody deaths, wounds, and lives upended, prompts no remorse or reappraisal, and only occasionally half-hearted apologies to meet the exigencies of diplomacy and public relations?

How does evil become banal? Practice, practice, practice. Killing becomes the routine, what the government does. Like many bloodthirsty, tyrannical regimes the US government has warmed up on foreigners. However, the functionaries and politicians who now push the Kill the Enemy button also push the Domestic Surveillance button. They will not hesitate to push the Enemies of the State, Mass Detention, Concentration Camp, and Execution buttons when the time is right. Rotten government, like rotten fruit, gets more rotten, until it’s finally tossed in the trash.

Try as it might, the government cannot entirely shield its constituents from the knowledge and consequences of its murderous ways. Having learned its lesson in Vietnam, it can keep its media puppies docilely distant from much of the killing, but the Internet has proven not entirely controllable. And although most people don’t make the connection, institutionalized murder is responsible for an appreciable part of the government’s $20 trillion debt and $200 trillion in unfunded promises, as well as its cronyism and corruption, loads under which the economy now strains and will finally collapse.

Any American who travels abroad is liable to run into a forthright foreigner who will tell them that the US government is the most hated institution on the planet. That sentiment is increasingly directed at the US population at large, who’ve tolerated these homicidal megalomaniacs for so long. Aside from its fellow travelers in other governments, multilateral fronts for world government, useless NGOs, universities, corporations, and the media, the world’s peoples would little mourn the overthrow of the US government by an enraged citizenry.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Executioners have a short ‘life’. They get tired of the work. The soul sickens of it. After ten, twenty, a hundred death-rattles, the human being, however sub-human he may be, acquires, perhaps by a process of osmosis with death itself, a germ of death which enters his body and eats into him like a canker. Melancholy and drink take him, and a dreadful lassitude which brings a glaze to the eyes and slows up the movements and destroys accuracy. When the employer sees these signs he has no alternative but to execute the executioner and find another one.

From Russia With Love, Ian Fleming

Killing them is killing us. Does any phrase more aptly characterize the US population than “dreadful lassitude”? The US government murders in their name. They accept its rationalizations, bread, and circuses, avert their eyes, and sink into technological and pharmacological oblivion. Despite these dubious efforts the knowledge seeps in, drop by drop, like rainwater under leaky sills during a hard storm. The government has its buttons for those few who protest and resist, but even the most oppressive regimes can’t seal off their people entirely.

Red, white, and blue are no more; it’s bureaucratic gray and charnel-rubble carmine. Americans grow “tired of the work” and soul sickness spreads. Birnam Wood advances and the empire crumbles. A somnambulant Lady can’t wash away the blood; her Thane can’t sleep.

America cannot wash its hands…or know an innocent’s slumber.


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  1. War is the health of the nation. As long as Halliburton and Lockheed Martin (and hundreds more) are making zillions of dollars the killing is likely to continue. A complicit media and academia that sugar coats truth keeps the average American convinced it’s all done for “security”. And violent video games and movies convince some that the actions of a corrupt government are normal.

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  2. Robert; I’ve never read better, nor more poignant. Txs.

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    Hard hitting truth
    Killing them is killing us. Does any phrase more aptly characterize the US population than “dreadful lassitude”? The US government murders in their name. They accept its rationalizations, bread, and circuses, avert their eyes, and sink into technological and pharmacological oblivion. Despite these dubious efforts the knowledge seeps in, drop by drop, like rainwater under leaky sills during a hard storm. The government has its buttons for those few who protest and resist, but even the most oppressive regimes can’t seal off their people entirely.

    Red, white, and blue are no more; it’s bureaucratic gray and charnel-rubble carmine. Americans grow “tired of the work” and soul sickness spreads. Birnam Wood advances and the empire crumbles. A somnambulant Lady can’t wash away the blood; her Thane can’t sleep.

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  5. Spot on as far as it goes Robert.
    The only error in logic or reason that I see
    is that whether or not we had invaded and
    bombed the middle east is largely moot for
    the moslems who devoutly follow the deathcult
    of ‘mo’. Even if we’d never had any interaction
    in the middle east in any way, they would STILL
    be attempting to invade our lands via their “hijra”
    and setting up their colonies via their mosques
    (enemy forts/command centers) and their imams
    would be incessantly preaching for jihad against the kuffar.

    Was war for enriching Halliburton and increasing
    John McHitlers bottom line wrong? Absolutely it was!!

    Is islam’s 1,400 year unending march for global dominance
    to rule the world under the sharia and a child molesting
    charlatan’s madness and 7th century savagery wrong?
    You better believe it’s wrong to the core..islam is evil
    through and through!!

    Our enemies are BOTH the ‘deep state’ and islam, and
    the deep state is attempting to use the hordes of islam
    as a “weaponized demographic” just as Matt Bracken
    mentioned. The problem for the deep state is that
    those of islam have their own plan and they’ll turn
    on the deep state when such an alliance is no longer
    useful to them.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

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  6. What can I say? I guess I’ll just contribute a bit of copy editing in the hope that this piece receives the wide distribution it so richly deserves:
    . . . balm for an uneasy conscience . . .
    . . . shield its constituents . . .

    I am a little surprised this got picked up by WRSA, although, to be fair, CA gets it a lot better than much of his commentariat. It will be interesting – or perhaps appalling – to see the reaction over there.

    America started off as a pretty good idea. How and why did it go so far wrong?


    • ikdr,
      Thanks for the edits. One or two mistakes always seem to slip through quality control. I routinely screw up it’s and its, and not because I don’t know better. It just happens. The conscious/conscience one was unconscionable. I’m glad you liked the article. WRSA actually picks up most of my stuff, but you’re right, the comments are not always thumbs up.

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    This needs to be spread far and wide-great piece of writing.


  8. I’ve been seeing the same cultural marxist moral relativism spouted by every Lefty in the US since the 1950s, it’s goal was never to eliminate immorality in the world but to destroy American culture so that Global Tyranny could triumph and it has mostly succeeded in turning europe into a 3rd world shit hole. For those of you that haven’t “Got it” yet America is your only fkn hope of survival in a world wit toilet paper.


  9. This isn’t cultural marxist moral relativism. Death is an absolute. I’m saying the US government is a murderer. It is the moral equivalent of other murderers. There’s nothing relative about that. I don’t have any “fkn hope of survival” with a group of murderers. When the time comes, they’ll kill me with as much compunction as they’ve killed millions of foreigners, and for just as evil reasons. Your right, “Global Tyranny” has turned Europe into a “3rd world shit hole,” the global tyranny of the US’s drive for global hegemony.

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  11. Here it is in black and white, doesn’t get any plainer than this!

    “We kill them because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us”

    “The whole idea that this is merely a political war, is wrong. We kill them, because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us. The only way out for them is to convert or to pay a head tax.”

    This is the same thing that Jefferson and Adams were told by the ‘ambassador’ from the moslem pirates of N. Africa.

    moslems are ALWAYS going to moslem…
    And they’re ALWAYS savage about it!!

    It’s definitely time for another Crusade,..this time Constantinople is retaken and the moslem is driven into the sea with no quarter!
    For Western Civilization to survive, islam MUST be destroyed once and for all!

    A Proud Infidel!!
    Northgunner III

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    • Steve, this is treading pretty close to excusing US government murder.

      It may be true that, absent the imperialism, the muslims would still be coming after us (although I have some doubts about that). But think how much better a position we’d be in, morally, if we were responding to such aggression with a clear conscience. The imperialism harms our defense, rather than helping it.


  12. The article is a well-written indictment of what the US government has become over its history. I know very few people who can correctly identify the war of northern aggression for its glaring truth. An attack on state rights and nothing to do with civil war. Civil war assumes both sides wish to control the country. Nothing can be further from the truth in the US’s so called civil war. Southerners had no desire to possess the north.

    As far as how the world thinks of the US, spot on. I have been a world traveler my whole life. the last 7 years mostly in middle eastern countries. If I am not working directly with someone who knows my background I always tell anyone who asks I am from Canada. If you tell them you are from the US it is never well-received. They do not hate Americans per se but they despise our government and hold us accountable for what we let it become.

    Great writing Robert.


  13. If we don’t kill them, they most certainly will kill us.
    Hoping the US can withdraw from worldwide conflict is a puerile fantasy. The libertarian utopia is unrealistic and unobtainable; isolationism unachievable in today’s world.
    The problem is, we haven’t been fighting these wars properly. We need to show no quarter, we need to eradicate muslims from the face of the earth. Period.


    • So let’s just keep the foreign policy of killing everyone who offends us in some way, whether “everyone” is a combatant or an adult or child civilian who has no opinion about us?
      It’s time to stop waging war on the world, while there is some semblance of morality and decently left in our society.


    • And in the meantime, while killing those muslims, if we can grab their oil too, well why not?


    • Ned2,

      Since you’re such a forceful advocate of killing Muslims, we’ll let you go first. Surely the US military can round up a few hundred thousand Muslims. You get the honor of killing them, but you have to look them in the eye as you do so. That’s right, look that mother and the baby she’s holding in their eyes. Do you shoot the baby first, or the mother? How about the elderly couple, frightfully clinging to each other? Kill him or kill her? Clever you, put their heads together and kill them both with one shot. Saves on bullet costs, although the military has given you an unlimited supply. Keep shooting, keep killing, because they might kill you. How? Don’t ask. The military has given you easy-to-hose-down rubber overalls and boots, so those blood spatters don’t ruin your regular wardrobe. You’re on your own as to how keep your good day’s work from ruining you digestion and sleep. The other requirement is that you have to come back, day after day, until all the Muslims are dead. Keep killing, keep shooting, “show no quarter.”

      Oh, that’s not what you had in mind? You’re not sure you’ve got the stomach for such work? You’re saying you’re foursquare behind such slaughter, but only if someone else does it?

      I thought so.


      • I would slaughter any muslim who threatened my way of life. And I’m not alone.
        What you need to accept is islams war on us and our way of life will not go away.
        They are stronger than us. Their family structure is stronger. Their will to further their culture is stronger. They will continue to displace us globally.
        When will you realise they do not want your participation in the world? Do you think we can just hide behind our borders and let the fire peter out? Do you think if we leave the middle east and forfeit millions of Christians to their laws, they will leave us alone?
        Robert, I admire your writings, but when will you face the fact we are at war with islam?
        Until every last muslim on earth has been eradicated, there will be war.


        • So you really think every one of a billion plus Muslims threaten your way of life? I have no problem with the idea that some subset does, that’s a fact, but you’re advocating indescriminate slaughter, not just defending ourselves and defeating that subset.


          • Read the koran. Talk to people, like me, that grew up with them. If you ignore the threat, you will become another victim.
            We have been at war with islam for hundreds of years, yet the powers that be tell us it’s just a few unsavoury characters perpetrating the violence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam will destroy western civilization. It is in their doctrine, their laws.


            • false religion spawns false religion. start comparing the roman empire and the radicalized muslims. Consider this.The people that fled to the america’s were not fleeing from the muslims.
              The Bible has also been also used to radicalize.


            • Actually an honest assessment of the real destruction of God-given, or ‘natural’ rights inside the bounds of this particular political subdivision, (or taxing district as I usually think of it), has been elected legislatures.

              Twenty trillion in debt…. Legislature

              Patriot Act… Legislature

              NDAA and the limitless ability to track, harass, without any reason whatsoever maim and cage me at will… Legislature

              Civil Asset Forfeiture, brought to you by the people you continually elect in the legislature.

              Sorry I’ve lost my ability to look outside the bounds of this collection of colonies to find it’s true destroyers of wealth and liberty.

              “Fear is the foundation of most governments”

              John Adams

              I guess he may have gotten that right, and when every tool in the government’s toolbox is a hammer, please don’t be surprised when they start to see you as a nail.

              As always you nailed it again, I’m blessed to have met you.

              Sean the crazy radio guy.


  14. I’d like to know if the USA was killing by drones prior to the Trade Center Bombing. In my estimation we’re where we are now because of tit for tat.


  15. We can stop the eternal war making. It will require moral courage to finally quit. Trouble is, there is almost a complete lack of moral courage in this country beginning with Joe sixpack in the street, and all the way up and through to the “leadership” at the wheel of state. As the Byzantines saw their Empire eaten away, bit by bit, the two main political parties turned their energy towards not fighting their enemies, but each other. We are much the same, the empire being slowly crumbling or eaten, meanwhile here at home instead, of engaging and destroying the very real threats, the two main political parties are trying to look different from each other. All the while trying to destroy each other and ignore the reality of integrity being the goal of govt. not murder and looting. Doing the right thing is out of vogue. It won’t come back into vogue until the great unwashed masses pick it up again. We have corrupt leaders because as a nation we are corrupt, the leaders come from among us. As it ever was,Robert, your keen insight makes this a superior blog, and this latest is one of your best. Do keep in mind, that many in the North, just before the War Between the States, approved of the idea of slaves being armed and murdering whites in both revenge and freedom. That little attitude, especially when read of in the papers then, infuriated the South, and welded them together in a way none other could do.


  16. Thank you for this article. Well written and has hit home to me because this topic has bothered me for decades. Since Vietnam as a matter of fact. Yes, I was there. It isn’t right and there can be no getting around the fact that it is morally wrong. We’ve definitely lost our way and I truly wonder if we can redeem the country. Thanks again.


  17. Right on.
    Aside from killing time coming, we sure have a lot on our plates as just plain old simple people to account for.
    By that I’m saying I unquestionably agree and stand with what Mr. Gore is saying. It’s the awful truth. But whats more, we can’t go on much longer with what our government has become, regardless of who is at fault. We are for good or bad all in it together. And it really is up to us as dirt people to correct the wrongs, and no excuses about it, because no matter what, it is always and only, the dirt people in this world who have ever effected positive and good change in this world. That goes double for us as Americans, because along with the bad, we represent what is great just as much. We can not pick and choose. Thats the difference between us and the entire world.
    By that understanding, we are responsible completely for everything that happens. It can be no other way.
    Only we as a people, as a plurality, have this power. And only as Americans can we effect the course of our government.
    That is the double edged sword of Liberty we are all born into. It is baked into the equation. There is no bullshitting or dissimulating, beating around the bush about it. At some point, for good or bad we are going to end up having to account for it.
    Because if for only one reason and Lord there are many, this is our country, we are ultimately the responsible ones for everything that happens.
    Ignoring what is happening is simply no excuse. There is no rationalizing about it which is legitimate. Anything less and we are liars and no better than the individuals guilty of the crimes and treason against everything good in this world we stand for and believe in.
    That goes for everything. From the marxists to the banksters.
    We are only true Americans when we fess up and take the hit and do something about it. We are all committed, like the pig. That is how this Republic was created. It is why America changed the world for good to begin with.


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  28. What a pile of steaming crap. If the USA acted like other conquerers they wouldn’t hate us, they’d be dead. Conquers don’t worry about killing their enemies and have no limits on numbers. Only people who have never seen the elephant can whine on so about the brutality of combat and its aftermath.

    Grow a pair skippy. You want to see cruelty, talk to the Germans who were forced out of Eastern Europe, ask them being starved by the allies, or how the allies refused to treat the defeated German troops as POWs and let them strave and freeze to death by the tens of thousands. My favorite has to be the Mongols. When Baghdad didn’t surrender and the Mongols overan it, they took the survivors and made a pyramid of ten thousand skulls.

    So grow a pair skippy, and pray you don’t face a nation that hasn’t adopted your pajama boy views. They laugh in your face before they slit your miserable hide for a lampshade.


  29. “and they will pound their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore”. Prophet Isaiah

    Mr. Gore,
    From an old Vietnam vet, I say thank you.
    Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword. Take it from me, the blood on your hands will never wash off… all you keyboard commandos, don’t know what you’re talking about. Once you see the elephant, it sits on your soul and crushes you.
    The truly evil, have no conscience, but in this country, we worship the Ruthless man, from the businessman to the politician, we worship money while paying lip service to God. The buckets of our karma are full to overflowing… Enoch said there would be a final battle between good and evil, methinks he was right.


    • Piper Michael,
      Thank you. What a great term, “keyboard commandos.” Blood will have blood and what the hell good has it ever done? Evil is evil, and like you say, it “sits on your soul and crushes you,” another great phrase. Now it’s crushing the soul of our country, and anyone who raises a voice against it has his manhood disparaged (see comment before yours from Rich Collins). My views on war have solidified since I started SLL and have heard from vets like you, and Fleabaggs (he wrote “My War) and the vets who commented on “Much More than Trump” and “My War.” I’ve never been close to a battle, never killed anybody, but I’ve tried to listen to those who have. Again, thank you.


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  32. Excellent article. I would like to put your article on my blog with full credit to you or at least a brief excerpt of it with a link to your blog.

    Subterranean Homesick News


  33. Mr. Gore, et al,
    PS: In my day, the war drums beat constantly for subduing the “Communist Menace”, while in the Good Ole USA, they allowed self same communists to preach and teach at the Universities. These graduates are now running things. Back then, they march against the war, now they are running a war on us, by proxy, as Robert so finely put; Killing them is killing us. They have gotten a taste of power, have been coopted by the siren song of money and power, and now, they are their own enemy of their youth. In their youth they hated ‘The Man’, now they are The Man.
    We never learn from history, after the ratification of the Constitution, Hamilton and Washington, turned from enemy of the King, to enemy of the people, negating all their high and mighty words about Liberty, read about The Whisky Rebellion. The civil war, was not civil, in the south we call it; The War of Northern Aggression, why do you think the Yankee’s are trying to eliminate all our heritage monuments? Like always, 1984 is their instruction manual, and monuments can be sent down ‘the memory hole’ with a simple bulldozer. It was not a war about slavery, slavery was Lincoln’s crafty trick to get people on board with his loosing cause, a cause to restore profits to the US Gov… the US gov, at that time, was making most of its money from export taxes, taxes on cotton… northern industrialists pushed for subduing the south… and we STILL remember Sherman’s March to the sea, it is taught in families, the war was about liberty from a central tyrant. Blood will have blood, one day, for the truth even if buried will one day rise again….
    Likewise the ‘in-jun war’, was a war for the railroads, to subdue the continent from the Barbarians. Vietnam, same thing, saving the world from The Barbarian communists, but in truth, all war is about power and money and control… When I read comments like some of those above, it fills my heart with sadness, seeing myself… 40 years ago.
    Only now, the stakes are much higher… those who want a war with Russia, are madmen, and the only way to have world peace, is to kill the madmen. All of us should now see and understand, The Last Trump is a messenger, with a simple message; Sleepers Awaken, and you should all see that politics is broken, and unfix-able. Mr. Trump looked into the eyes of the Medusa, and it has turned him into stone, unmoving, learn from this. The only way to win is politics ‘by other means’, for All of them red and blue, we truly are in The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned…

    The only way to have stability, is to eliminate central governments, central banks, centralized anything, (that was the True Cause of the Confederacy, slavery was already dying, and would not have lasted another generation. )
    for evil attracts itself to power like moths to a flame. It was once said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but in our age, there is now an obvious corollary; Centralized power corrupts whole nations. In our country, it is not centralized government, but, centralized money that is the Source of evil… The Lord’s battle with the money changers, now is brought to true fruition, and eventually, we must ‘turn the tables on the money changers’.

    See what they are doing to your mind. See through the propaganda. We are like unto a Beast with 7 heads(continents), and thirteen horns(shofars of the 13 families), we crush the world, and they will, eventually, gang up on us…
    Those who sneer about this ‘screed’, and call it ‘preaching’, look into a mirror, if you have one, and ask the question;
    Who is responsible for the mess we’re in? He is staring back at you.


  34. my comment never posted


  35. 3rd comment….testing


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  37. Its not about murdering its about eliminating islam..


    Islam is a political system, NOT a religion, and unless and until humanity wakes the hell up and STOPS referring to it as a religion, there is no hope. Islam is a hyper-aggressive, militaristic, expansionist, totalitarian political system designed to create a super-rich micro-oligarchical ruling class with a massive, destitute, genetically handicapped underclass below.
    Here is a quote from Osama bin Laden that sums it all up:
    “Our talks with the infidel West and our conflict with them ultimately revolve around one issue; one that demands our total support, with power and determination, with one voice, and it is: Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually? Yes. There are only three choices in Islam: [1] either willing submission [conversion]; or [2] payment of the jizya, through physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or [3] the sword, for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.”
    –Osama Bin Laden
    (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 42)

    Well, you can pour maple syrup on a puddle of bloody, diarrhetic hogshit all you want, but it will never, ever be pancakes.
    THIS is how the musloid problem should be faced and solved. It isn’t difficult.
    Use the only thing they understand
    Aggressively proselytize. Fully acknowledge that even a converted musloid, like a domesticated wild animal, will be dangerous for the rest of his life and can never be fully trusted.


  39. Extraordinary article, and [mostly] excellent comments. Not sure how we deal with the savagery of islam, except to push it out of our country and fight it back when it raises it’s head. The US Government is evil, as are all big governments, as is islam. I advocate for deporting any and all moslems who, by their nature and religion, cannot “live and let live”. That may mean deporting all of them. Let them live, or die, in their own nations/havens/cespools of islamic rule.

    I have never fought in a war, and never killed anyone, but did have the privilege of saving a man from drowning in his car many years ago when he ran off the road in a thunderstorm into a river. I remember that as much as I would remember perpetrating evil in the name of the Imperial Federal Government. I can imagine defending myself, my family, and my community, with whatever it takes, against any aggressor. That would include an imperial strormtrooper or an islamofascist. I cannot fathom killing people I don’t know in a foreign land because some bureaucrat needs to “maintain the free flow of oil at market prices”.

    Thank you for your brilliant insight, Robert. Nicely done. I may not agree with everything you write, but your ability to make others think is sublime.


    • Hammer’s Thor,
      You just nailed one of the main, if not the main, reasons I write. I’m not pining for agreement, although I don’t mind it, but thought. If I can get people to think I’ve done my job. Thank you and thanks for following me.


  40. Robert, This comment bothered me.
    Paul Bonneau | July 31, 2017 at 8:24 am | Reply
    And in the meantime, while killing those muslims, if we can grab their oil too, well why not?
    This is as many will know very close to what Trump has said in the past. When i look into this, they seem to think oil for blood is a fair price.
    So many “pastors” have layed hands on Trump, campaigned for Trump, some in the open and some by hidden (subtle) ways. What gets me is some of these same pastors have preached the (Hook in the Jaw message) most of their careers.
    The hypocrisy is staggering.
    Have a blessed day and thanks for your time.


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