The Most Underreported World Stories So Far This Year, by Chuck Baldwin

These stories are important and for the most part, they aren’t getting mentioned in either the mainstream or the alternative media (SLL has missed two out of the five cited). From Chuck Baldwin at

Watch the various television and cable news shows, and one will be exposed to multiple reports of–the exact same story. Day after day, night after night: the national mainstream news media regurgitates the same news stories to the American people. It’s the same song sung by a different singer; but it’s the same song. If you don’t believe that, start channel surfing the newscasts instead of watching just one network. You will hear the same stories repeated over and over again by all of the different newscasters. Wake up, folks! You are being programmed and propagandized.

I have repeatedly said: the real problem with America’s news media (and churches) is not what you are being told; it is what you are NOT being told. The most important stories that the American people need to know about are hardly ever mentioned. And it doesn’t matter whether the broadcaster or network is bent leftward or rightward: the media moguls who run ALL OF THEM belong to the same club.

Here are just a few examples of some very important stories that you’ve heard barely a peep about from the Western mainstream media–or from the vast majority of independent media outlets, for that matter.

1)  The world’s biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II

One would think that a humanitarian crisis the size of this one would be plastered all over the front pages of U.S. newspapers and would be the lead story on dozens of nightly news casts. NADA. The vast majority of the American people are completely oblivious to the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. I’m talking about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

According to international relief agencies, two-thirds of the people in Yemen are dying slow, gruesome deaths from starvation and famine. In the surrounding region, more than 20 million people are affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in July that over 1,700 Yemenis died from cholera. The organization warned that over 300,000 could be diseased from the outbreak by the end of this month. This is a humanitarian crisis unparalleled in modern times. Yet hardly anyone in the West is even aware of it.

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