Charlottesville, by Paul Craig Roberts

Everybody has something to say about Charlottesville, but Paul Craig Roberts is at the top of the heap on this one. From Roberts at

Listening to NPR this morning confirmed what I already knew. Charlottesville is being turned into another nail in President Trump’s coffin.

NPR had no interest whatsoever in reporting the actual facts about what had occurred in Charlottesville. The several “interviews” with the like-minded were orchestrated to produce the desired propaganda result: It was all Trump’s fault.

It was Trump’s fault for many reasons. He had stirred up White Supremacists and Nazis by appealing during the presidential election campaign to their supremacist views with his slogan “America first.”

Of course, what Trump means by “America first,” is precisely what the voters understood him to mean—the interest of the broad American public should come before trade deals that serve the interests of other countries and the narrow profit interests of global corporations. However, the NPR propagandists put words in Trump’s mouth and twisted the meaning of the slogan to be “White America Comes First.”

In other words, “America first” according to NPR is code language to white supremacists to take advantage of the electoral college and elect a leader over the popular vote of the heavy population densities in the narrow geographical areas that comprise the northeast and west coasts, the centers of moral rot. Thus, Trump was the candidate of white supremacists and, thereby, illegitimate.

NPR next conveyed the message that Trump proved he was the Nazis’ candidate when he criticized both sides for the trouble in Charlottesville. NPR used its orchestrated interviews to place all blame for violence on the group that had a permit for their rally. According to NPR, the group that had no permit and formed in order to protest the rally consisted entirely of white hats defending America from free speech from alleged Nazis and racists.

There is no doubt that a rally of what is called the “alt-right” will pull into itself all sorts of extremists and that the cause of the rally, apparently defending a statue of Robert E. Lee from demolition or perhaps simply gaining attention for the organizers, was done harm by the young, apparently unbalanced, man who drove a car into counter-marchers, after the permitted rally had ended. The nonsensical element of this act has convinced some Americans that the entire scene was an orchestration by the deep state as a weapon against Trump and civil liberty.

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5 responses to “Charlottesville, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. Civil war 1 started by confederate generals, civil war 2 started by attacking statues of civil war generals.


  2. When you erect monuments to men, rather than to the monumental ideas they may champion, then you always run the risk that they shall become the focus of the monument. When they do, their fortunes rise and fall with the sentiments of the mob – however such mobs may be disguised.

    Mobs cloaked in naked disguise, such as the KKK and various “supremacists.” Or the more cleverly disguised mobs on the left – given, through omission and commission, the far more effective disguise of “legitimacy.”


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  4. Thank you, Bob. Coming from you it conveys significance beyond its mere recognition.

    The idea of “monuments” – for what and to whom, first occurred to me during my initial years as a coin collector. I was struck by the fact that until 1909, the obverse of virtually all American coinage, with minor exceptions, featured “Lady Liberty” – seated, standing, walking, profiled, with the reverse similarly dominated by the symbol of strength that is represented by the Bald Eagle.

    Then, beginning in 1909, the image of Lincoln was placed on the obverse of our copper penny. Since then, the images of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Franklin, and Kennedy have come to adorn our coinage, with Lady Liberty relegated to obscurity.

    I have come to believe that such “monuments” represent the steady erosion of our moral/political – i.e., our very intellectual understanding, of freedom itself. Of our steady “progress” in replacement of the rule of law, which theoretically upholds “Lady Liberty,” with the rule of men. A rule, when it rises to prominence, upholds but politics and power – which relegates the law and the “master” it is intended to serve, as subservient to its new master.

    As far as “Charlottesville” is concerned, I fear that Trump, because of the moral/political/intellectual collusion between the Dominant Liberal Establishment Media and the Leftist philosophy represented by the Democrat Party, will become increasingly isolated. (He has but little insight into the moral/political cowards that infest the Republican Party.) As he grows more isolated and ineffectual, what is now termed by some commentators as the “Cold Civil War” underway in our country, I fear may begin to “warm.”


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