Outside coastal cities an ‘other America’ has different values and challenges, by Chris Arnade

A slice of life of an America that doesn’t get much coverage from a newspaper that doesn’t do much coverage. It sounds inauspicious, and the article does sometimes descend into the language of someone examining an alien society, but the article is surprisingly good. From Chris Arnade at theguardian.com:

Beyond the bubbles of the big cities and elite college campuses is an America that values community over careers, and has faced a downward trajectory for decades

Anthony Rice
Anthony Rice on the election: ‘We didn’t have a dog in this fight’. Photograph: Chris Arnade
Anthony Rice’s house in Youngstown, Ohio is a mile away from a river valley once filled with factories offering jobs. Many of those left in the 1980s, and with them, many residents.

His home is one of the few occupied on the street. Empty lots or boarded-up homes make up most of the block. He points to those remaining, listing his neighbors and their age. They are all over 70. “This neighborhood is okie-dokie, although not much goes down here”, he says. “Stores used to be all around here, but they mostly gone. The people left are either too old to move or waiting for someone to buy them out.”

The road itself is a patchwork of potholes. “This street hasn’t been paved in like forever. They just don’t care about us. But we used to that.”

Youngstown is the largest city in Mahoning County, Ohio, where Donald Trump narrowly lost a county Barack Obama won twice easily. That was partly because turnout in Youngstown – which is lower income, younger, and close to half African American – dropped by roughly 15%.

It was a blueprint replicated across the US – getting just enough working class, older and wealthier suburban whites to flip and turn out for Trump, while a small enough sliver of minorities and younger white voters did not turn out. It was achieved in just the right places: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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2 responses to “Outside coastal cities an ‘other America’ has different values and challenges, by Chris Arnade

  1. It’s not just coastal cities, it’s big cities and small college towns.
    The differences are like you go from one country to another. City to suburbs to rural areas is like 3 vastly different countries. The people have different values, different morals, different ideas of what the USA should be.
    Not one person I’ve talked to in rural Ohio likes going into the city. They avoid Cleveland, Akron- Canton, Columbus and Cincinnatti like the plague. Most don’t even like going into smaller cities.
    It has nothing to do with the leftist claims that us rural folks are racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamaphobes,”rednecks” or religipus zealots who cling to our guns and religion.
    A lot of the city folk are truly insane,they support Marxist and Communist ideals, they support the extremes of the LGBTQWERTY nonsense, they support teaching gradeschool kids about anal sex, while I could care less about who decides to sleep with who- it is not normal for people of the same sex to have a sexual relationship. It is not normal to be be
    “transgendered” nor is it normal to mutilate your body with surgery to change your gender- there are only 2 genders, and male or female are the only two genders and they can not be changed via surgery and drugs.
    Rural people are appalled by all this nonsense.
    We are also appalled at the Marxist morons attempts to erase history.
    We are sick of media lies, half- truths and obfuscation.
    We are sick of being called racists, bigots, Nazis, and all the rest of the names we are called because we don’t support the Marxist morons agenda or open borders and unchecked immigration from third world sh*tholes.

    I do jobs in a big city and mid sized city- (Cleveland, Ohio and Akron Ohio)-suburbs and rural areas.
    Different worlds. Did a job in Kent Ohio near Kent State- the Marxist morons are on full display there.
    Couldn’t even eat lunch without being accused of being a white supremacist.
    Long hair and tattoos make me a white supremacist to these idiots.


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