The 2016 Election is Not Reversible, by Angelo Codevilla

American politics has become the government party versus those who oppose government and the ruling class. That will continue regardless of Trump’s fate. From Angelo Codevilla at

Today, the bipartisan ruling class, which the electorate was trying to shed by supporting anti-establishment candidates of both parties in 2016, feels as if it has dodged the proverbial bullet. The Trump administration has not managed to staff itself—certainly not with anti-establishment people—and may never do so. Because the prospect of that happening brought the ruling class’s several elements together and energized them as never before, today, prospects of more power with fewer limits than ever eclipse the establishment’s fears of November 2016.

But the Left’s celebrations are premature, at best. As I explained a year ago, by 2016 the ruling class’s dysfunctions and the rest of the country’s resentment had pushed America over the threshold of a revolution; one in which the only certainty is the near impossibility of returning to the republican self-government of the previous two centuries. The 2016 election is not reversible, because it was but the first stage of a process that no one can control and the end of which no one can foresee.

Trump’s troubles

The Left’s optimism is not unfounded. Trump, in his Afghanistan speech, told his voters that he is reversing a campaign promise because he was instructed that his, and their, basic instincts on foreign affairs are wrong. Similarly influenced, he is continuing to use unappropriated funds to subsidize insurance companies that practice Obamacare even though a Federal Court held this to be unconstitutional—far from undoing it as he had promised. Nevertheless he complies with rulings by single judges that overturn major political commitments of his. Unforced errors, all.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Republican majorities in the Senate and House reject responsibility for failing to repeal Obamacare and even for failing to pass ordinary appropriations bills. They take every occasion to distance themselves from Trump, notably imputing to him insufficient disdain for racism and other political taboos. When Corporate America withdrew from the president’s business council, it premised this officious separation on implicit accusations of the same sort. In short, the Republican establishment now joins Hillary Clinton in leveling “deplorable” allegations against Trump and, above all, of his supporters. Nevertheless, Trump agreed to endorse that establishment’s candidate in the Alabama senatorial primary against one of his own supporters. Counterintuitive.

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6 responses to “The 2016 Election is Not Reversible, by Angelo Codevilla

  1. Welcome to the myth of the two party system.

    Socialist party A
    Socialist party B


    • “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is one of my favorite Who songs.

      “And the parting on the left
      Is now the parting on the right”

      “Meet the new boss
      Same as the old boss”


  2. socialism=== fascism in a velvet glove.

    fascism=====socialism with a steel fist.


  3. ~~~ODE TO DACA~~~

    A gold plated dog turd is what it am,
    Brought to you by this flim flam man,
    Thanks to this blond haired german prick,
    Up our butts this fraud he’ll stick,
    Once again we fell for the scam.


  4. Sorry about that, but it seems futile to even vote anymore.


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