Sen. Rand Paul: Graham/Cassidy does NOT repeal ObamaCare and I oppose it

Rand Paul will not vote for a cosmetic repackaging of Obamacare. From Paul at

No one wants to repeal ObamaCare more than I do.  As a career physician, there are few in Congress who have as much firsthand experience on all sides of the health care debate as I do.  I’ve voted for repeal.  I’ve sponsored my own Repeal and Replace plans.

But I’ve also led the fight to stop and block “ObamaCare Lite” plans offered in both houses of Congress this year.  These have been plans that have spent nearly as much money as ObamaCare, that left most of the taxes and regulations in place, and basically failed to honor our promise of repeal.

Unfortunately, they’re back again, and I must add to the list of ObamaCare Lite plans to oppose the new Graham/Cassidy bill that was introduced last week in the Senate.

In all ways, this bill is also ObamaCare Lite.  In no way is it repeal the way we promised.  I will oppose this bill as I did the other fake repeal bills, and I urge those who want repeal to do so, as well.

Make no mistake – Graham/Cassidy keeps ObamaCare funding and regulations in place.  Oh, it rearranges the furniture a bit, changes some names, and otherwise masks what is really going on – a redistribution of ObamaCare taxes and a new Republican entitlement program, funded nearly as extravagantly as ObamaCare.

Graham/Cassidy doesn’t repeal a single ObamaCare insurance regulation.  All of the Title 1 rules, the Essential Health Benefit rules, all of them – they’re still in place here.

States may grovel on bended knee for some relief to the federal government, with no guarantee of success and no permanent solution beyond the current administration.

I believe the president and HHS Secretary would WANT to do the right thing on state waivers, but I’ve already spent the better part of the year arguing with an army of bureaucrats and lawyers in the administration trying to get them to do something President Trump and I AGREE should be done – loosening up the rules on joining group plans.  This would be a huge change for Americans and a big fix for our system – yet they can’t get it done.  The idea disappears into the Swamp.  I’m afraid even the minor waivers of regulations envisioned here would do the same.

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One response to “Sen. Rand Paul: Graham/Cassidy does NOT repeal ObamaCare and I oppose it

  1. When obammer care crap hits the fan of reality,
    The political whores will face their finality,
    Their shark has been jumped,
    Their pooch has been humped ,
    Lets arrange their permanent fatality.

    The sheeple are pissed It’s plain to see,
    They thought obammercare was going to be free,
    With eyes wide open they believed this mutt,
    They spread their legs like a las vegas slut.
    Our schadenfreude will bring much glee..

    The great unwashed seeking their utopia,
    Are now chagrined at their own myopia,
    There is no cure for their stupidity,
    Screw them and their cupidity,
    Let them wallow in the coming dystopia .


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