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Can I Be the Poster Child Against Obamacare? by Ann Coulter

Other than it’s expensive, requires hours of research, dramatically narrows one’s choice of doctors and medical care, makes the healthy subsidize the sick, who are often sick because of unwise lifestyle choices, and benefits welfare recipients and illegal immigrants, Obamacare is perfect, just like Obama’s two terms as president. From Ann Coulter at anncoulter.com:

Like millions of Americans who are paying thousands of dollars a year for health insurance no doctors will take, I would love to be flying to Washington this week, pleading with members of Congress, spearheading letter-writing campaigns and appearing as a witness, to tell everyone about my experiences with Obamacare.

But none of us can, because we’re too busy working so we can afford to pay for the health care of 22 million poor, entitled or irresponsible people under Obamacare.

Just yesterday, for example, in addition to working, I had to spend an hour — on top of days and days last month — figuring out which few remaining clinics provide mammograms under my brand-new, now third Obamacare insurance plan.

My original plan was made “illegal” by Obamacare, and the next two plans — fully approved under Obamacare — went bankrupt and were shut down by state and federal regulators.

Now I just have to pray I don’t get cancer or break a bone before Obamacare is repealed because, even at $700 a month with a gigantic deductible, there is NO PLAN on the individual market accepted by the two premier hospitals in my area for cancer or broken bones.

Those $700 premiums go to pay for the pregnancies and dental care of welfare recipients and immigrants, not cancer treatment for Ann.

Democrats love to get on their high horses about the wonderful things Obamacare has done for the uninsured. They should be asked why they refuse to live under it.

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Donald Trump, Revolutionary, by Andrew P. Napolitano

President Trump has kept one promise: on day one of his administration he started dismantling Obamacare. From Andrew J. Napolitano at lewrockwell.com:

Within four hours of becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump signed an executive order intended to limit immediately the effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in ways that are revolutionary.

With the stroke of a pen, the president assaulted the heart of the law that was the domestic centerpiece of his predecessor’s administration. How did this happen? How can a U.S. president, who took an oath to enforce the laws faithfully, gut one of them merely because he disagrees with it?

Here is the back story.

When Obamacare went through Congress in 2010, all Democrats in Congress supported it and all congressional Republicans were opposed. The crux of their disagreement was the law’s command that everyone in the United States obtain and maintain health insurance — a command that has come to be known as “the individual mandate.”

Republicans argued that Congress was without the authority to compel people to enter the marketplace by purchasing a product — that such decisions should be freely made by individuals and that that freedom was protected from governmental interference by the Constitution. Democrats argued that the commerce clause of the Constitution, which permits Congress to regulate commerce among the states, also permits it to compel commercial activity on the part of individuals who make up a highly regulated component of interstate commerce.

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Fake News About “Love” For Obamacare? by Eric Peters

Any SLL reader who thinks Obamacare has been good for medical care or the country, leave a comment explaining why. From Eric Peters on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

I begin to think maybe Trump is on to something with his Fake News schtick. Which isn’t schtick at all in terms of the obvious, egregious bias of what is styled “mainstream” media outlets such as CNN (back in the ’90s, the letters were said to stand for Clinton News Network).

But what Trump means is “news” that is not stilted but upended. Manufactured to present the outright wrong as the absolutely certain. And not on account of incompetence, either.

The best example being Trump’s victory itself.

In lockstep, the “mainstream” media predicted a route. Presented ominous pie charts and graphs and polls of many kinds purporting double digit leads in key states for… Hillary.

This is more serious than the usual weather man 50 percent track record of accurately predicting whether it’s going to snow tomorrow. When it’s unanimous that Trump – whom the people delivering the pie charts and graphs and exit polls all obviously loathe – is “going to lose” and yet wins anyhow, which is more likely? That all these people simply got it wrong in exactly the same way? Or that they were purposely trying to suppress the real news and stilt the outcome along lines they desired?

Now comes the latest – also from CNN – that “love for Obamacare” is at an all-time high. See here.

It reeks of Fake News.

Do you like Obamacare? Know anyone who does? Everyone I know loathes it – for both practical as well as moral reasons.

On the practical level, it sucks. You do not get medical care (let alone free or even “affordable” care). You are forced by the government to buy an insurance policy. It is not the same thing as getting “care.” The insurance company is a crony capitalist cartel that will do all it can to avoid paying for “care” while making you pay for “coverage.” People have become hip to this – and they are not in love with it.

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Why Obamacare’s ‘20 Million’ Number Is Fake, by Genevieve Wood

The 20 million is overstated, and most of the actual 14 million that received care were shoved into Medicaid. From Genevieve Wood at dailysignal.com:

Liberals are notorious for caring about “groups” of people, but when it gets down to individual persons, not so much. You’re about to see this play out in spades as Democrats cry crocodile tears over the coming repeal of Obamacare.

You hear it over and over again: “This will be catastrophic for the 20 million people who were previously uninsured but now have coverage! You can’t take away their health care!”

First of all, no one is talking about doing that. Any repeal legislation will have a transition period for those who got coverage through Obamacare to move to new plans. And second, they will have more choices and better options. Win. Win.

But liberals would rather focus on quantity, how many millions we’ve given something to, versus quality, what does that “gift” mean for individual people.

The Obama administration claims 20 million more Americans today have health care due to Obamacare. The reality is that when you look at the actual net gains over the past two years since the program was fully implemented, the number is 14 million, and of that, 11.8 million (84 percent) were people given the “gift” of Medicaid.

And new research shows that even fewer people will be left without insurance after the repeal of Obamacare. Numbers are still being crunched, but between statistics released by the Congressional Budget Office and one of the infamous architects of Obamacare, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Jonathan Gruber, it’s estimated that anywhere from 2 to 7 million people now on Medicaid would have qualified for the program even without Obamacare.

That further discredits the administration’s claim of 20 million more Americans having health insurance because of Obamacare.

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Repeal and Return, by David Walden

Here’s a radical idea. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with what works best in the provision of almost all goods and services: the free market! From David Walden, a Straight Line Logic reader, via email:

Representing the Trump administrations’s first priority, the cry of “repeal and replace” fills the musky swamp gas of Washington. ”R&R” is supposed to represent the solution to the fact that “Obamacare,” the slang accreditation to the person who shamelessly takes responsibility for the Affordable Care Act, is failing to do almost EVERYTHING that was touted on its behalf during passage in 2009.

Yes, “R&R” is definitely needed. However, what is actually needed is “Repeal & Return” – NOT “Replace.”

Upon Japan’s surrender in 1945, my father left the Army and was hired by a small “mom & pop” machine shop as an apprentice tool & die maker. During that time we lived in a cold-water tenement on the first floor. As we could afford little, there was no medical insurance, and the small company dad worked for certainly couldn’t provide any.

When we got sick we either called the Doctor, who came to our home, or in the case of a serious illness/accident, we went to the hospital. In the case of the former, a small charge for the visit and any “medicine” he might provide during the visit, was our cost. Depending on the relationship between us and our Doctor, we would either pay in cash, or subsequently be billed. Should any of us have needed to go to the hospital, the terms of payment would be negotiated with the hospital – with monthly (or whatever) payments for the costs of more serious conditions.

The time frame was the late forties/fifties. I can remember going to a hospital only once in my entire childhood. Twice I recall seeing a Doctor at our apartment/home. At that time the “market” for health care was largely unencumbered by those who would improve it through political means, being dominated only by those who would do so through economic means – with each segment of the market trying to make a buck by providing an ever-improving service. They would continually do so in the traditionally American manner of making it better, cheaper, increasingly available to the expanding market, etc., much as does ALL enterprise and entrepreneurs when simply left alone to do so.

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The “Vietnam War” Called Obamacare Cannot Be Won, by Jack Perry

There is one difference between Vietnam and Obamacare: the US government cannot declare Obamacare even a fig leaf victory—socialized medical care with honor—and try to wind down its involvement, as it did in Vietnam. It’s a massive failure and must be ended. From Jack Perry at lewrockwell.com:

The Vietnam War was started by a Democrat and ended by a Republican. Let’s keep that in mind. Basically, at some point, Republican President Nixon had to finally admit the Vietnam War could not be won and the only sane thing to do was get out of it. But we also must admit ourselves that Nixon must have known the war could not be won for quite some time. And how many more died before the government finally put lives ahead of ego? Oh, of course, the government told us of all kinds of horrible disasters that would occur if the Vietnam War was not won. But those predictions did not come true in the way the government told us. We were lied into that war, lied to about the progress, then lied to as to why we could not pull the plug on it. Only much later did we discover we had thrown away tens of thousands of lives for nothing.

But I’m not here to discuss the Vietnam War. What I’m here to discuss is the Vietnam War of social programs: Obamacare. Here is a social program started by Democrats and hopefully to be ended by a Republican. That it is a quagmire should be obvious to all, but some still mistakenly believe this program can be “won”. That is, it can be made successful. Like the Vietnam War, there have been constant failures and subsequent government efforts to win success. But nothing has worked out the way they said. In terms of the Vietnam War, we are in the year 1969 with Obamacare. We’ve had the Tet Offensive of skyrocketing premiums, insurer pull-outs in many states, and people who lost the plans they wanted to keep. The question is: Knowing Obamacare cannot be successful, how many more billions of dollars do we throw away before the 1973 Cease-Fire?

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Obama’s Legacy: Obamacare Failure, Drone Policy Failure, Guantanamo Failure, NSA Spying Failure, by Mike Mish Shedlock

If you get an argument with an Obama partisan, you can recite this article’s list of Obama failures, or you put the ball in the other court and ask the partisan to list Obama’s successes. From Mike Mish Shedlock at mishtalk.com:

Gallup’s Daily Obama Approval Rating poll shows Americans view president Obama consistently higher now than at any time since 2009.

His popularity is more of a reflection on Obama being a likable person, than having likable policies. It’s also a reflection on the extreme unpopularity of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Complete Failure

Likable or not, Obama’s legacy will be one of complete failure. Vox reports The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble.

Vox missed some things, lots of things actually, but the headline is accurate enough.

Everything Obama stood for is about to be undone, except perhaps his drone policy which was a miserable failure and should be undone.

1. Obamacare Failure
2. Drone Policy Failure
3. Trade policy Failure
4. Libya Failure
5. NSA Spying Failure
6. Guantanamo Failure
7. Russia Failure

Affordable Care Act Failure

Obama’s Affordable Care Act was nearly a complete failure. Affordable it certainly wasn’t, except for those picked up by Medicaid and a small group of heavily subsidized others.

Obamacare Premiums Up 30% in TX, MS, KS; 50% in IL, AZ, PA; 93% in NM: When Does the Death Spiral Blow Up?

Obamacare “Near Collapse” in Minnesota as Prices Jump 60% Average

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