Thoughts on Trump, Fake Patriotism and ‘Taking a Knee’, by Michael Krieger

Here is another take on taking a knee and the National Anthem. From Michael Krieger at

Americans do not and should not worship idols. We do not and should not worship the flag. As a nation we stand in respect for the national anthem and stand in respect for the flag not simply because we were born here or because it’s our flag. We stand in respect because the flag represents a specific set of values and principles.

– From the recently published piece: I Understand Why They Knelt

I almost always disagree with mainstream critiques of Trump, which is why I tend to stay away from commenting on the endless battles between the destructive and dangerous status quo and the dangerous and destructive Donald Trump. Critiques of Trump from status quo types and their supporters are almost always hysterical and superficial, based upon the false premise that everything was going just fine until Trump was elected.

I believe that sort of myth making is as dangerous as Trump himself, and I’ll never support a preposterous “resistance” strategy which elevates Wall Street CEOs, the CIA, neo-cons, neo-liberals and all sorts of other destructive elements of our society into saviors. These shallow resistance types focus on the symptom of the disease versus the disease itself, and therefore can never offer a constructive path to a batter future. That said, in this instance I completely agree with the view that Trump’s authoritarian tweets with regard to NFL player protests in recent days are extremely dangerous and encourage his supporters to rally around a debased and superficial fake patriotism based on symbolism as opposed to ideals and values.

First, let’s start with a little history. Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started his protest in August 2016 when Barack Obama was still President and the mainstream narrative assumed Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump handily later that year. He was clear about the intentions behind his protest from the beginning, which related to his disgust with unaccountable police brutality against people of color. Here’s some of what he had to say when asked about his actions a year ago:

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One response to “Thoughts on Trump, Fake Patriotism and ‘Taking a Knee’, by Michael Krieger

  1. What Kreiger get’s wrong is that this country is about ‘civil’ rights. It was and is not, as much as people like Kreiger want it to be, it was about Individual Natural Rights of the Individual, wanting and willing to make his own way in this life. Starting from zero, putting sweat and desire for betterment into everything he strived for and having a country that recognized the power for good that could come from that ideal. Somewhere along the way, that’s been thrown to the side, and replaced with the nonsense about ‘civil’ rights–those that come from your gov’t and can be set aside whenever that gov’t does so for your protection. This country won’t go much farther with Kreiger’s hopes or Trump’s, or Kapernick’s. It’s not about a flag, or a song, or a president–it’s about individuals willing to put themselves in front of what’s right.


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