Las Vegas: Pray for the fallen, prepare to fight the governing elite’s war on liberty, by Michael Scheuer

The American political establishment would like nothing better than to turn Americans into docile, obedient Europeans. From Michael Scheuer at

No matter what more is learned in terms of specifics about the Las Vegas attack, the need for the American citizenry to be well armed has never been greater. The Las Vegas shootings should give Americans pause to look beyond the contradictory “facts” and the whining, scripted, and sentimental political blather the event produced, and consider the following obvious points, which, when taken together, seem to merit setting aside a bit more of the monthly budget for protective weaponry.

First, it is clear that the U.S. law-enforcement system at all levels cannot protect Americans. The governing elite’s decades of pro-criminal laws; the legislative and judicial bans that prevent police to profile the suspicious and dangerous; our open borders and the elite’s refusal to enforce immigration laws; the national government’s cultivation of intensifying international hatred with unnecessary interventionist wars; the mainstream media’s complete failure to report the increasing numbers of murders and other major crimes that destroy the myth of a multicultural-diversity-unlimited-immigration route to utopia, all of which have combined to make law enforcement’s job an impossibility. Americans are going to have help the police if they are to be defended, and may well have to do so alone if politicians keep ordering the police to stand down when the left riots.

Second, the bipartisan governing elite clearly has a deep-seated hatred for the views, ambitions, and beliefs of hard-working Americans. Split away Trump, the Freedom Caucus in the House, and Senators Paul, Cruz, Lee, and, pray God, Moore, in the Senate, and the other members of both parties are eminently expendable.  What does that mean? Well, it means that if the remainder do not begin to do their jobs or are not soon removed by the ballot, they will have to be removed by the bullet and the bayonet. Why? Look at Europe. The European governing elite has for thirty-years and more incrementally imposed socialism on the continent from globalist-dominated Brussels.

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