You’re On Your Own, by Robert Gore

If the world seems incomprehensible now, just wait.

Within a twenty-four-hour span the Catalonian people voted 90 percent in favor of secession from Spain, despite the Spanish government’s effort to violently squelch the referendum, and a man in a Las Vegas hotel room opened fire on a concert, killing fifty-nine and wounding over 500. There’s no tangible connection between the two incidents, but they illustrate incipient forces still gathering steam that are transforming the world.

No government, military force, or intelligence unit has figured out how to stop those determined to kill large numbers of people if the killers are willing to forfeit their own lives. Nor will they. Individuals and small groups have the capability to amass and use large amounts of lethal weaponry, killing military and civilian targets in a guerrilla war, or victims on the deadly end of their random bullets or bombs.

Arguments that this can stopped by limiting access to weaponry are specious, serving only as cover for further expansion of government and curtailment of individual liberty. The trend towards cheaper, more widely distributed killing power stretches back to the invention of gun powder. Guns can now be manufactured at home with 3D printers. The cows left the barn long ago.

Standing in opposition to the forces of decentralized violence are the forces of centralized violence, governments. Catalonia offers a useful illustration. Violence was the government’s loud and clear cry that it had no other argument for preventing Catalonian secession. The wealthy region pays a disproportionate share of Spain’s taxes and gets less back than it puts in. Catalans are a distinct ethnic subgroup, attenuating any so-called blood ties between Catalonia and Spain. Suppression was only partially successful and 90 percent of those Catalonians who voted chose independence.

A wonder in Catalonia was that masses of demonstrators clearly outnumbered Spanish police forces, but made no attempt to fight back against their brutality. This will be the exception rather than the rule as these types of conflicts escalate, which they will.

A joint wonder of Catalonia and Las Vegas is that gun banners continue to argue that private ownership of guns isn’t a bulwark against governmental tyranny, that civilized, gun-banning governments don’t tyrannize. How different would last weekend in Catalonia have been if Catalans had guns? How different would the future be if the Spanish government had to deal with private firearm possession as it decided on its response to say, a declaration of Catalonian independence? Sure, governments protect your rights, but pass the ammo.

Greece’s No vote in the summer of 2015, Brexit, Trump, and now Catalonia have come amidst an anemic global “recovery.” These insurrectionary portents have been relatively peaceful; few of the insurrectionists, even in Greece, were starving. What happens when the global economy collapses under its mounting debt burden? What happens when comparatively wealthier areas, like Catalonia, decide they’ll no longer support poorer areas? What happens when the masses face destitution?

Insurrectionary violence will no longer be off the table. The US, where there are more private firearms than there are residents, will be the center of the coming maelstrom. Look at the staggering arsenal Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock legally and surreptitiously amassed. There are plenty of such arsenals out there. From gang-bangers in South Central Los Angeles to Appalachian survivalists, everyone has guns, lots of guns.

There is probably already a black market in all sorts of military weaponry, too: munitions, mines, artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, etc. If there isn’t one now, expect one to emerge as the crisis mounts, fueled by the same sorts of entrepreneurs and networks who currently supply the US its illegal drugs.

The kind of decentralized, multi-sided guerrilla warfare that could coalesce in America will make Korea, Vietnam and all the other places the US has militarily intervened since look like walks in the park. Anyone who thinks the government will do anything more than add to the chaos is making a long-odds bet. Some government personnel, particularly those trained in violence—the police and military—will go free agent and join the general mayhem, especially after their employer goes bankrupt. The government’s only option for “order” may be the barren, decimated order of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bomb blasts.

Preceding apace with the decentralization of violence has been a devolution of moral authority stretching back to the Reformation and the invention of the printing press. Organized religion has steadily lost influence, supplanted by countless doctrines of individual morality and choice, or conformity to the doctrines of self-selected groups. People shop in a philosophical bazaar of stated or unstated premises and tenets, consciously or unconsciously settling on those that appeal to their psychologies and correspond to their beliefs.

Government cannot replace organized religion as the central moral authority. Aside from criminalizing behaviors that are almost universally recognized as wrong (and even that is a fairly short list), government authority extends only to what is legal, not what is right and wrong. Much of what governments do, almost always characterized as legal by the governments that do it, would be universally recognized as evil if done by private individuals or groups. Governments have murdered millions, probably billions more people than whatever individual, group, or institution comes in a distant second place. Virtually all that murder has been legally sanctioned by the perpetrating government.

Efforts to obliterate traditional, religious-based morality with a morality of state worship have invariably been miserable failures; see Marxism. Government is everywhere and always power and coercion, and compliance with its dictates and strictures rests not on recognition of their moral worthiness, but on recognition of the costly and painful consequences of failure to do so.

Devolution has pushed morality down to the smallest social unit, the individual. Morality is a product of choices and choices are a matter of thought. Individualized morality—like all human thought—shaped in the trial and error of environments and circumstances best furthers the organic adaptation necessary for survival of the human species. It is like the English common law, incrementally developed and changed in light of what works and what doesn’t.

The devolution of morality has not wiped out either good or evil, or the vast range of human thought and behavior that falls in between. Thomas More’s individual defiance of England’s centralized government and church is now reckoned as saintly. Stephen Paddock was the personification of evil, but in the chaos and terror he unleashed, there were incredible stories of courage and heroism.

Even back in the Middle Ages the moral pronouncements of the Pope had little relevance to the serfs working far off lands. So little, in fact, that the Catholic Church didn’t deem it necessary to translate those pronouncements into a language the serfs could understand. The serfs went about their business, making their own judgments of right and wrong. Shaped, to be sure, by what religious instruction they had received, but mostly by the exigencies of their own situations.

In the coming atomized entropy, it will be starkly apparent that just as with preparation and survival strategies, morality lies with the individual. A fortunate few will be able to band together with other individuals of similar beliefs. Decentralization in full efflorescence will obliterate many of the current buffers—particularly the welfare state—between actions and consequences, meaning individuals will be forced to take responsibility for what they do, whether they want to or not. In an insolvent world nobody’s left to pick up the tab.

Cries will issue forth to the skies: Help us! Save us! Somebody do something! Somebody tell us what to do! The reply from the skies: You’re on your own.

Time to read a great book?





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  1. Catalonian succession or secession?


  2. Thanks for the edit, it has been changed.


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  5. As an aside, this is why a Texas secession would be far more plausible than a California secession (or Scottish, Greek, or any myriad of other states, regions, or provinces): the ability to actually become independent of its host, rather than clamp onto an external host (California to China/Russia, Scotland to EU, etc). The key factor is the existence and heavy firearms culture of its people. Now, I’m not saying that Texan secession is more than a remote possibility, as I would rather band with other US-based constitutionalists if the SHTF, but this indicates the true definition of such movements. Catelonia faces a different test, as it doesn’t just have Spain (and possibly France) to deal with in the immediate fold, but the EU itself would still be formidable until the king’s damned naked body is called out by the parade watchers.


  6. “incredible stories of courage and heroism”. Not a single one, though, involved the LVPD/SWAT. On scene en masse at the 10 minute mark of the massacre, the badged orcs spent the next 60 minutes doing precisely nothing to stop it. Maybe you wonder why. I don’t:

    (((Las Vegas))).


    • Most cops are not heroic or courageous. Most of them are fearful and disdainful. That’s why most of them them have never done anything worthwhile in their lives until AFTER they got the badge, and that’s why most of them only have cops for friends. No one else can stand to be around them.


  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thanks. You’ve pulled back the curtain, Robert, and any sane person recoils from the possibilities now boiling on this stove, which we call “civilization” in this cauldron of life. The pressure cooker has lost its safety valve(s)–when it blows–“Katie, bar the door!”


  8. Mr. Gore,
    I would point out that Catalanians did push back even if they lacked the guns where is counted, the polling places. Just one example —

    They literally formed a human wall to prevent the PoPo from stealing the ballot boxes. There are many ways to wage insurgency even without a gun.



    You mentioned Greece. That pathetic, socialist septic tank has fallen off the MSM radar a while ago. What IS actually going on there? I don’t hear any more stories of children abandoned by parents who can’t afford them, etc. I talked to some locals from Spokane a while back who were there as tourists in 2016 and had a great time, interacting with a lot of happy, hospitable locals. Any thoughts?


    • What little I know about Greece comes mainly from the website They occasionally have feature stories about Greece, and almost every day in their Debt Rattle section, they have links to stories about Greece.


  10. I believe a great deal of the chaos you see and will see in ever increasing amounts is planned, encouraged and desired by a select few, invisible hands if you will. In the past the owners, rulers, Kings, despots needed human hands to work the fields, build the infrastructure, make the weapons, fight the wars. That is no longer the case, we are creating our own exicusioners with AI. Already there are machines that farm, manufacture, transport or serve your burger or pizza without human intervention. Those that are truly in power are rapidly approaching a point when they will no longer need the working 99%. What will happen then and is happening now, no jobs blue, white or otherwise, the masses will be unemployed and unemployable, how will they eat, survive? Perhaps a some of the elite have suggested a global salary to be paid to all for nothing except having more babies but where will this money come from, governments don’t create wealth only redistribute it. That money must come from taxes on the only people with sustainable wealth, the elite and how long will they sit back and be taxed at 99% of their income to allow others to buy their products or services? They will not tolerate it for very long if at all! The bulk of the human race is about to become obsolete, The violence the author refers to is and will become worse, by design, to cull the herd before those masses overrun the elite for a crust of bread.


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  19. The Basque region of Spain, Quebec, Brittany, Scotland and Wales. Will they be next?


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  24. Vincent, home town USA
    Crypto Cats assets trophy, the NOTE able prize for currency goes to the house of credit cards. Debit or Credit obviously goes to the Credit tore, score more? Somebody gonna pay, jus sayin.
    Here is a fossil fuel for you that nobody, well maybe a few consider it to be fuel or whatever floats your boat, it what floats your boat. All day I face the barren waste without a taste of water, cool clear waaa-terrrr! Nothing like a little Sons of the Pioneers to get a good old fraction rant rolling, don’t ya think, I suppose not.
    Representation without Taxation?
    This stinks of a created opportunity. No disrespect to the people that got in the way of that opportunity for the dummy crats to make it about a tool and various accoutrements. Ban fingers! Sunday was National Bump Shock Day. Put that on a bumper sticker, NBSD? Please note the BS between the N and D. You can do basically the same thing as a Bump Stock by holding off the shoulder a bit and let the inertia do its work. However accuracy tends to be an issue has well feed failure and or lock up. Predictably, Sunday’s rant met Ax TAX with sticker shock of trigger finger taxed fixed stock bump, for of course Bump Stocks. Still, the sound seems a little too full auto! Looky here, during the revolutionary war the issue was smooth bore or rifled, still only one shot at time the issue was accuracy, the rifled bore won for accuracy, technology of the their day. Nobody talked about banning rifled muskets! Except, perhaps the British? The bump Stock is same principle is demonstrated in any blow back sub-machine gun as a bump stock is nothing more than rifled bore of years ago, just better technology. Crank operated repeater or of JMB’s and Thompson machine gun was nothing more than better technology. The argument still the same, you just kill more quicker, that’s war and that is the point. Still bumper Stock shock when used on civilians previously being entertained, shock. Perhaps we should ban entertainment? The issue has never been about guns or any amendment to said Constitution, the issue as always R People, people! And no amounts of laws are going to stop criminals, head of state with army’s or not well organizes pack of lone wolves. Fact of the matter is, if military and cops get to go full auto, so should everyone else if it is as stated, for the security of a free state! And of course shall not be infringed, on full auto! American Pie, more than people died once again.
    TWO “A”, is about war! And, I might add, Shall NOT be Infringed. As George said the “Peoples Teeth”. He was not talking about rabbit hunting, however useful it may be, it was about war, specifically about a revolutionary war to include as latter written against all threats foreign and domestic, we got both kinds. The Constitution was more on how government should be civil, while the Bill of Rights more about WE the People and what government cannot do. However, Constitutionally speaking, they do whatever them damn well please, they do more UN constitutional today in more ways you can possibly imagine. Perhaps we should ban politicians? I think that would be a good start. And then when the shooter starts shooting, shoot back!
    And now for your entertainment dis-pleasures, da Bomb! D really big Boma, O, OH. Old Technology?
    The fuel measured in the MEGA TONS de-ranged is in your average H bomb and as I had just read today at ground Zero Hedge, the measurement are not all that accurate. That being, the Mother of all mistakes the yield two and on half times what was expected from the SHRIMP boat floats in the Pacific, Castle Bravo 1954 thermonuclear disaster, whoopsy a minor miscalculation in not knowing what them did not know, however big booms are not unexpected, just 2.5 times bigger than them thought. Yes, friends and relatives, a minor miscalculation caused a bigger than expected nuclear explosion. So, what did we learn from that, that is water and I might add mostly Hydrogen the fuel fooled, hence known as the football, mother of all games, the code two launch. Which would result in MAD of man?
    H2O, water, well what we should have learned is Hydrogen is a fuel, but not for fools with really big balls. Yet, we mostly boil water to make steam to generate electricity, or the not so popular, almost free Hydro-Electric. Too, the few nuclear powered plant to generate electricity by ooofff, course boiling water. Let US stop here and possibly think for just a SEC which in no ways and means has anything to do with Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, Securities and Exchange Commission of dirt under the rug of the Utilities that there may be another way to use water to charge your smart ass phone, and off course AOD-YMH?
    But then there is the price of copper and aluminum, insulating materials wired from here to hell and back several times over, transformer and pole, the conductors of little bitty electrons the current we seek for a charge and perhaps change/hope. The Judge Dreaded Hydrogen, Holy Hydrogen Bat Man the Hindenburg hood winked US.
    These two examples of really big fires of hell and explosions area pretty good indication, there is potential as a fuel and it is. But wait there is more on Hydrogen to generated electricity, a lot more >>> Built with our patented solid oxide fuel cell technology, Bloom’s Energy Server®, or Bloom Box, is a new class of distributed power generator, producing clean, … Da Fuel Cell?
    In 1839, the first fuel cell was conceived by Sir William Robert Grove, a Welsh judge, inventor, and physicist. He mixed hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of an electrolyte and produced electricity and water. The invention, which later became known as a fuel cell, didn’t produce enough electricity to be useful. 1839, did you get that?
    Da Fuel cell uses Hydrogen to produce electricity, yet due to da high cost and high temperatures required to operate and of course a whole lot easier to sell a bunch to the few well to do, outweighs the benefit of having something the size of car battery to power your house without a meter, with no external spaghetti mess it is the cost benefit analysis, of course. Of Course, for current energy producer’s profit regulated by government profiteers tax your watts. Watt da F?
    However, 1500 degrees F operating temperature is about as dangerous as any automobile engine, not to mention with intension when you mama told you not to touch the stove, because it is hot, really hot, like about 3,000 degrees F, could not possibly heat and or cool your home and of course heat water so you can have all the hot water all you want for a the nice long hot showers you want for as long as you want. Nope we cannot have any of that, or could we? The fact that NASA has been using Fuel Cells from way way back in the 1960’s don’t mean you can use them to off grid in the suburban setting, or anywhere else for that matter wired Grid. Mostly because you are not to be trusted with accidental, if not ancient technology which is basically water! And off course da GRID would put a lot of people in da power biz out of biz, I suppose? Yet, maybe generate other opportunities? And off course all that make mega tons of money in the copper and aluminum, insulating materials, pole and sub stations, biz too, for those that like to wire things, not to mention coal and of course all the regulatory agencies, too, prevent you from being self fueled. Yet, you still need the fuel, natural gas, propane, or perhaps a hydrogen generator will do and of course water. I understand sea water works too, however corrosive it may be. I’ll bet there a lot of things about water you take for granted, you don’t know, me too. Such as it may be, Oxygen enrichment, the other component of as you may have guessed WATER! Oh, Dan can’t you see that big green tree where the water running free and is waiting there for you me, WAT teRRR? As in Kilo Watts. Obviously to charge you smart phone, which may be smarter than you, ya never know, ya know? However you can google it. E I E I O, Old Mc Donald had a wind farm, E EYE E EYE Owe, and on his farm he had some pigs E I E I OWE witch were the wind farm that generate dramatically inefficient electrical power generators E eye E eye owe the Department of Energy which could be use to generate hydrogen by splitting water, it is that simple. However, storage still a problem due to the DOE, obviously. That being, lesson up Deuterides, ( isotope of hydrogen as is tritium) are regulated by both DOE and DOD, too Nuclear regulatory agency, such metal halides are important in both thermonuclear weapon and nuclear reactors, hence the regulations. Need I say RED tape?
    Hydrogen is not without complication. De Flame for oxy-hydrogen is in the neighbor hoody of 6,000 degrees F with a whole bunch of variables, but it is hot, really hot. Yet we need not discuss that because we are discussing direct energy conversion, and or chemical reaction to generate electricity. Even George Bush as you may not recall made several indications that Hydrogen has potential and so there was a lot of curiosity about it, remember the Hindenburg? All that stopped went B-Rack H O bomb US entered as chief communist Dick Tater, presumably because there was not enough green in the green energy. In other words, how do you make money of it within an election cycle, the green energy, wind and solar was the answer to the inefficiency question? More inefficiency! More green backs the immediate answer and off course bankruptcy of a whole bunch of green energy companies, sucked cash and we got nothing… And then the Fossil Fuels biz, other than burning food, how corny, the petro buck don’t stop at the CAFÉ standards, or something like that. More simply put, hydrogen has the potential to put the oil buz biz pretty much out of biz, has well those that like to boil water to generated electricity. Not even going to discuss Aluminum Air Batteries, at least not yet. Perhaps latter<ya never know?
    You want electric cars, even better than gas? Get the damn government out of the way! All day I face the barren waste of cerebral wasted matters, oh Dan can’t you see? Imagine wireless no GRID. No powers poles to drive your electric car into, bonus! And it is a gas, ya know? Probably not, Vaping, on hydrogen. Add a little oxygen and you had better not light that cigar, ya know? Energy potential, that are thing beyond electricity, we just have to find it. Anyone interested? I suppose not. Join me for joint effort, or perhaps in one for business of the future AC/DC, Electricity, mostly DC! The LED and LCD have replaced the cathode ray tube, ya Know plasma man? Probably Knot. I call it “Split Water Energy”, (marked trade). Water Works, I suppose would be more appropriate if we were playing Monopoly. Oh, that right we are. As usual the stupid government is the roadblock and reason why it is costly.
    As much as I hate the metric system somewhat less than communist and politicians, however more on than communist politicians I will use the communist term Community only for the like mined as in joint effort, that community not of multi-cultured cow crap and but inverse diversity. A while back ZH put up the question if the like minded wanted to start up the like minded community, how you would do that and where. First things first, still the answer is right here. Kick out the damn communist and free loaders, that’s how, ya know? There is absolutely no reason to import other countries problems, especially on the local level that dilutes and defeats the commons cause and defense of said community! Which should be very tall walls for that defense, however invisible they may be for that defense of the like minded? Invisible and indivisible as in we have rules, ya know. Something like, what do you do that adds to like mindedness? And obviously, are you now, of have you ever been a communist? Keeping in mind a talent for useful purpose that said previous communist may have and may be useful.
    Then the representation without taxation, in other words volunteers, possibly minimum compensation and certainly no retirement plan to get in the way of representation. Any impropriety met with priority judgment such as public hanging should do it, justifiable homicide. As it was at one time in American, if it is a good idea then everyone, or at least the ones that can donate to the cause, labor, materials or money, whatever the cause may be, like a school or a church and roads and bridges and such. No bond issue at all, no need incremental tax creeps. Perhaps a public held banking institution where if you put money in, or buy in, you get more out as it was for a long time before zero interest of the well fed. And then, just maybe energy independence has well individual independence from them!
    For most of the last year I have traveled most of fly over country on my own dime, purposely avoiding the larger cities, because that is where most of problematic social issues are well divide by Mc Mansions and less fortunate dwelling of those that fare less well. Small cities and little towns have a sameness of no economic means of support. The Federal funding formula from early child hoody development to 12 year of pretty much useless indoctrination of political nonsense and how to be offended, the only game in town for the most part is the school, aside from the convenience store gas station and those that do work for the small city or little town most seem to not do much. Another telling tale, empty playgrounds and parks, not a kid in sight, bicycle paths, only spandex man and geriatric peddle pusher. Why is that? Yet as in the large cities, so too the small, people aimlessly driving here and there constantly not paying attention to much, much less driving, or seemingly so, talking to themselves with bud in ear. I prefer Bud in hand, nothing like a cold one for the road. It’s all good, or so them say?
    Still mostly crappy roads but know we now have the wheels for the fortunate and round and round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows the round about new wave rave of circle jerks. It is the twilight zoned clamed traffic non stopped . What we have is average commute time of wasted time and fuel. And if you really want some road rage of semi-tractor trailer there is a shortage of truck driver for He is Drug Store Truck Driving Man and head of the KKK, he got a medal he won in the war? Perhaps Wall Mart, or BP, or some sort of potato chip and beer, not made locally, I suppose. I AM not sure of that, yet it seems our distribution system needs some attention to why are all these trucks on the roads? Perhaps we should ask Lewis Mumford? That may be a good start.
    A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth or perfection is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life. Lewis Mumford

    It has not been for nothing that the word has remained man's principal toy and tool: without the meanings and values it sustains, all man's other tools would be worthless. Lewis Mumford
    Think instruction and operators manuals here.
    Today, the notion of progress in a single line without goal or limit seems perhaps the most parochial notion of a very parochial century. Lewis Mumford
    That would be the last century and now the new has taken a decidedly left turn on the highway to hell, jus my opinion, for what it is worth.
    SONNET 27
    Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed,
    The dear repose for limbs with travel tired;
    But then begins a journey in my head,
    To work my mind, when body's work's expired:
    For then my thoughts (from far where I abide)
    Intend a zealous pilgrimage to thee,
    And keep my drooping eyelids open wide,
    Looking on darkness which the blind do see:
    Save that my soul's imaginary sight
    Presents thy shadow to my sightless view,
    Which, like a jewel hung in ghastly night,
    Makes black night beauteous and her old face new.
    Lo, thus, by day my limbs, by night my mind,
    For thee, and for myself, no quiet find.

    The Picasso of prose, or perhaps that was protest me think too much, on the world stage, I AM not sure, but that is what I do. Paint you pallet blue and grey. If we are going to have a war, the least we can do is be Civil. Perhaps they will listen now, I suppose not.


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    Yep YOYO


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  28. Robert, your crystal ball of the future based on current events is spot on. Agree with your supposition of like-minded folks with similar moralities taking the place of the imposed,- this is the results we want, culture interpretation being spoon feed to all now, particularly to our young in schools.
    My hope is less, not more villence in the coming transition.


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  32. Compared to the America we live in today, the national, state, and local governments of the 1930’s were practically nonexistent. The Joads of the Grapes of Wrath were: resilient, self-dependent, minimalist, resourceful, self-sacrificing, and as a family/group, they were co-operatives. We are now as different from those people as lightning is from a lightning bug. We will soon be forced to re-learn the skills and strength of character that our ancestors took for granted and it will feel extremely painful while it is happening.


  33. It’s exciting, like a broken roller-coaster!
    Good stuff, Robert.


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