Infographic: The Everything Bubble Is Ready to Pop, by Jared Dillian

The centerpiece of the greatest debt bubble ever created has been the bubble in central bank and government debt, which has in turn created myriad subsidiary bubbles. From Jared Dillion at

Infographic: The Everything Bubble Is Ready to Pop

It wasn’t always this way. We never used to get a giant, speculative bubble every 7–8 years. We really didn’t.

In 2000, we had the dot-com bubble.

In 2007, we had the housing bubble.

In 2017, we have the everything bubble.

I did not coin the term “the everything bubble.” I do not know who did. Apologies (and much respect) to the person I stole it from.

Why do we call it the everything bubble? Well, there is a bubble in a bunch of asset classes simultaneously.

And the infographic below that my colleagues at Mauldin Economics created paints the picture best.

I don’t usually predict downturns, but this time I bet my reputation that a downturn is coming. And soon.

When there’s nothing left but systemic risk, everyone’s portfolio is on the line. To that end, I’ve put together a FREE actionable special, Investing in the Age of the Everything Bubble, in which I discuss ways to prepare for the coming bloodbath (download here).


One response to “Infographic: The Everything Bubble Is Ready to Pop, by Jared Dillian

  1. May I disagree on one of your bubble.

    The Real Estate market may not be a bubble one as Chinese people are migrating out of China. Canada receives many Chinese immigrants and the “bubble” in Canada is bigger, next come Australia and US, UK, in that order. A house is highly valued by Chinese people as they can fit many more people in it, a feast thought impossible by Caucasian people.

    Therefore, I think Real Estate price just keeps going up where there is Chinese immigrants, and R.E. will prove to be not one of the bubbles!


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