The Big Why, by Hardscrabble Farmer

Harvey Weinstein, Stephen Paddock, and opioids are symptoms of a very sick culture. From Hardscrabble Farmer at

In the past few weeks America has been given a chance to examine it’s pathological descent up close and personal. Knee deep in a growing pile of human wreckage that is the opioid epidemic additional bodies have been heaped upon the charnel pile. First in Las Vegas and then in Hollywood, two towns that personify our ever increasing addiction to debauchery and dissolution. Cities built, not on an ethic of hard work and sincerity, but rather on fantasy and falsehoods.

Entire industries that prey upon the weakness of the body politic in order to bolster and empower the most venal and corrupt, the whore mongers and pimps. It has always been a one way street, an endless grift where fantasies are sold as reality and where both dollars and morality are stripped away from the rubes in flyover country like the garments from a young actress.

There has been a great deal of talk about motives though I have never been all that interested in what drives people to commit heinous acts of depravity against innocents. Neither do I abjure the complicity of those revelers in the dance macabre of modernity who think that they can boogie to the tune without paying the piper. There is a connection here, between the perp and the patsy, that is inseparable and those who suffer do so as much by their own complicity as by the machinations of sociopaths.

I live in a world that is as divorced from the progressive ideologies of Tinseltown as Enceladus. Reality and its outcomes are my daily companions and the failure to live in harness with it guarantees my failure. So the choices that I make and the way in which I live my life is tied to those observable features. I can easily see the connection between the Harvey Weinsteins, James Paddocks and the tens of thousands of unnamed OD’s in the Red States as clearly as the brilliant colored foliage of my homestead.

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