The Informant Cometh, by James Howard Kunstler

It may be years before the Uranium One scandal is resolved, and it’s going to get much bigger before it goes away. From James Howard Kunstler at

When you consider all the shadowy creatures scuttling around the backstage interstices of the Deep State, it’s a little wondrous that someone like this hasn’t stepped into the light before. Apparently now, a person whose name will soon be plastered across the pixel-verse, has been given clearance by the Justice Department to come forth and sing to the various house and senate committees about a fishy deal involving Russia and the Clinton dynasty.

The broad outlines of Uranium-Gate are already loaded like a platter of nachos grandes with piquant tidbits of suspicious detail. The informant worked for a DC Swamp lobbying firm that was hired by Tenex, a subsidiary of the Russian government-owned company Rosatom, to grease the skids for a deal to buy a Canadian company, Uranium One, which had substantial mining operations in the USA. According to The Hill website, the deal put about 20 percent of US uranium into the hands of the Russian company.

The informant recognized evidence of criminal behavior in the dealings he witnessed and voluntarily went to the FBI with it. The Hill report goes on:

     His work helped the Justice Department secure convictions against Russia’s top commercial nuclear executive in the United States, a Russian financier in New Jersey, and the head of a U.S. uranium trucking company in what prosecutors said was a long-running racketeering scheme involving bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.

Those charges, based on evidence gathered in 2009, were not taken to court until 2014. And that was supposed to be the end of it.

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5 responses to “The Informant Cometh, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. I will be truly amazed if this person of interest tells the God’s truth, or, If they don’t kill this guy who knows of incriminating linkage between the various actors, it will be the first time in living memory somebody alive tells the truth about the regimes of the Clinton crime syndicate and the red diaper baby new world order crime syndicate of the obama faction.

    Its pretty plain Uranium 1 is a drop in the bucket as far as this type of corruption goes. Just looking at the net worth of almost every high actor in the federal government its clear there’s a myriad of deals like this.
    They aren’t running a government they are running a strip mining op to get every last buck before the whole construct implodes.


    • Funny you should use the term strip mining. A few months ago I wrote an article, “Strip Mining the World,” that essentially took your premise and applied it globally. The link:

      I, too, am skeptical that the informant will get a chance and will actually tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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      • Could be the informant is a plant, the whole thing another misdirection. Don’t put nothing past these scumbags.
        Can’t trust any thing or anyone. Except everyone is dirty, complicit, or has special interest. Look at it from that perspective much makes sense.
        The whole construct is so infected with corruption anyone totally clean or honest would never get past the gate keepers.
        Believe it or not I’m thinking the only one you could call principled and honest is Trump & a few close associates. And those are the only ones. There’s no way you could be part of this vast corruption syndicate called the US government & not know about it. By its nature the corruption makes everyone complicit.

        Yeah, thats a real good piece. I posted it on my blog when you published it.
        Its funny on my end too, I been calling it strip mining for years in my comments. I’m a coal miner, worked on strip mines for years, the analogy seemed to fit perfectly. When I saw your piece it was a delightful experience to read how you described it. You have a great way with words.


        • Thanks. My grandfather was a miner. It’s a damn tough life. I’m glad you liked that article. I think you’ll probably also like the one I just posted, “The Route Is On.”

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          • Yeah, it wears you out, besides everything wants to kill you.
            Yeah that was a real barn burner. It was the perfect analogy to me. If for no other reason they are actually strip mining us of our intrinsic wealth, right down to the seed corn.
            Something has to give here pretty soon.
            Its getting close to lamppost and 13 knot necktie time.
            I’ll read your newest in a bit. Thanks!


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