The Problem With Millennials, by Bill Bonner

They’re a touchy bunch, many of the millennials. From Bill Bonner at

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – “What’s wrong with them?”

In front of us was a group of young women, tying their surfboards on top of their Jeep.

At first glance, nothing at all. They had come from a nearby surf camp and were enjoying a girls-only holiday.

Some were dressed in shorts and shirts… others, barely dressed at all.

One, standing on the doorframe, stretching to attach the surfboard to the roof, was a picture of health and pulchritude.

She caught our attention. At first, we thought she had forgotten to put on the bottom part of her bathing suit. Then we realized that she was wearing a “string” bikini, scarcely evident to the naked eye.

The skimpy outfits invited attention; but the looks we were getting denied hospitality. We wanted to stare; but we could only get away with a furtive glance.

“What are you doing here?” the scowls seemed to ask.

(It was a public beach. We were checking out the property next door, which is for sale.)

What gives? we wondered…

Whole New World

We have been talking about the future; it is not always better.

Sometimes, technology makes it worse. Sometimes government gets in the way. And sometimes, changes seem to take place with no apparent cause.

To put this into context, we were attending a business conference in Nicaragua; most attendees were in their 20s or 30s.

“You’ve got to be careful,” a colleague began. “It’s a whole new world. These young women have a much different attitude from the older women. They expect to be protected from everything. Including you.”

Your editor was briefly flattered. He’d begun to think he crossed into the age where a man is more likely to be an embarrassment than a threat.

“One of them… an attractive woman… and she wears attractive clothes… complained because the men in the office kept asking her on dates. She said it was a ‘hostile work environment.’”

“It doesn’t sound hostile to me,” we replied. “It sounds friendly.”

“You can’t joke about it,” our friend continued. “You can’t joke about anything.”

To continue reading: The Problem With Millennials


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