The RussiaGate Witch-Hunt – The Deep State’s ‘Insurance Policy’, by David Stockman

The Russiagate concoction was a clearly illegal effort to throw the election and then to depose the president elect. David Stockman connects the dots at via


There was a sinister plot to meddle in the 2016 election, after all. But it was not orchestrated from the Kremlin; it was an entirely homegrown affair conducted from the inner sanctums — the White House, DOJ, the Hoover Building and Langley — of the Imperial City.

Likewise, the perpetrators didn’t speak Russian or write in the Cyrillic script. In fact, they were lifetime beltway insiders occupying the highest positions of power in the US government.

Here are the names and rank of the principal conspirators: John Brennan, CIA director; Susan Rice, National Security Advisor; Samantha Power, UN Ambassador; James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence; James Comey, FBI director; Andrew McCabe, Deputy FBI director; Sally Yates, deputy Attorney General, Bruce Ohr, associate deputy AG; Peter Strzok, deputy assistant director of FBI counterintelligence; Lisa Page, FBI lawyer; and countless other lessor and greater poobahs of Washington power, including President Obama himself.

To a person, the participants in this illicit cabal shared the core trait that made Obama such a blight on the nation’s well-being. To wit, he never held an honest job outside the halls of government in his entire adult life; and as a careerist agent of the state and practitioner of its purported goods works, he exuded a sanctimonious disdain for everyday citizens who make their living along the capitalist highways and by-ways of America.

The above cast of election-meddlers, of course, comes from the same mold. If Wikipedia is roughly correct, just these 10 named perpetrators have punched in about 300 years of post-graduate employment — and 260 of those years (87%) were on government payrolls or government contractor jobs.

As to whether they shared Obama’s political class arrogance, Peter Strzok left nothing to the imagination in his now celebrated texts to his gal-pal, Lisa Page:

Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support……I LOATHE congress….And F Trump.

You really didn’t need the ALL CAPS to get the gist.

In a word, the anti-Trump cabal is comprised of creatures of the state.

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One response to “The RussiaGate Witch-Hunt – The Deep State’s ‘Insurance Policy’, by David Stockman

  1. You see plots, and I see the machinery of justice working basically as it should. They’re investigating the president. He probably will not be convicted or even charged with a crime because he’s probably not guilty. The so-called Russian plots is an ongoing propaganda effort that did not stop with the election. It is not focused on one person. We do not know for sure how effective it was.

    It’s gotten to the point if you support President Trump, you think the investigation is a conspiracy, and if you do not support him then you want him impeached. We’ve stopped even caring about the facts. We start with the answer we like and then build a just-so story involving complex machinations.

    It’s really sad because we still have a reasonably free country with good institutions, compared to human history. But for reasons beyond my understanding, people would rather form into angry mob factions than let our legal institutions work and enjoy the plenty that comes with a free and just society.


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