Freshman Year Musings, by Karen Kwiatkowski

All in all, President Trump has had a better first year than most people, including some of his supporters, thought he would have. From Karen Kwiatkowski at

2017 was Trump’s freshman year.  Here are ten things we learned in 2017.

10) The Democratic-Republican Party is passé, out of touch and old.  We should have learned this long ago, but it became a teaching point this year.  Anyone watching US national politics gets a steady drumbeat of decrepit, dementia-ridden crankiness, and that’s with the sound turned off.  Any of the younger folks representing the uni-party have an air of a harried caretaker pulling double shifts in a memory-impaired facility.  If the internet provided smells with the sound, we’d have the scent of urine and old sheets.

9) The Democratic-Republican Party does not like being called a uni-party.  It also is wary of the newly popular and even chic term “deep-state” because it suspects the term refers indelibly to something they deeply admire and fundamentally need.

8) The Democratic-Republican Party hates the young.  Perhaps, they resent the young, rather than hate them, with the resentment of beggars and borrowers to their betters and their slaves.  Or perhaps it is simply fear.  They look into the contaminated maw of the debt and dependency monster they created – and the young increasingly behave as if repudiation of that debt system and abandoning the monster is a rational and necessary course of action.

7)  Trump is a winning combination of grand vision and oppositional defiant disorder.  In other words, youthful.  (See items 8 through 10 above).

6) The progressive core of middle and upper class women between the ages of 30-60 are fantastic bullies.  Who knew?  In fairness and full disclosure, #metoo.

5) Many people living in the US and around the world don’t respect bullies, and even more don’t like them.  As shocking as this may be to contemplate, bullies arouse shared feelings of anger, disgust, and a collective desire to right wrongs.

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